Valuable Pre-Historic Findings in Caves of Magnesia

    11,000 archaeological findings have been brought to light after years of searches under the auspices of the Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology in the wider region of Magnesia.

    The surface searches that have taken place in more that 200 caves in Magnesia reveal valuable pre-historic findings indicating that the caves of the area were inhabited in antiquity times. Caves with historical findings are located in Pilion, Almyros, Giouria, Alonnisos and elsewhere.

    The most important finding was obtained in the “Cyclops” cave, where a systematic research has taken place. Part of a human sculpt of a female person aged 65-70 years-old intrigued the archaeologists who were surprised by her age, given that the average life expectancy was much lower.

    During the research that took place in the years 2006-2008 in collaboration with the Denmark Institute, changes in human activities regarding caves were examined resulting in valuable information and conclusions.

    The caves that have been thoroughly searched, supplied the archaeologists with information in their usage. It appears they had been used as residence, storage areas or even burial areas.


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