British Daily ‘Sun’ Ranks Greek MP Eva Kaili Among Sexiest EU Female Politicians

The online edition of the British daily The Sun published a list featuring the most beautiful and sexy female politicians of the EU. Entitled “Erogenous Eurozones,” the article pays credit to all those ladies beautifying the bleak field of politics, especially during the current harsh economic times.

Greek PASOK MP Eva Kaili, 33, opens the list of the female politicians. “With assets like Eva, 33, the Greeks seem less likely to make a drachma out of a crisis,” notes the writer of the article Oliver Harvey. Kaili is praised for her looks and her education as an architect and former television news presenter.

Next to the Greek MP, the article features Poland’s Minister for Sport and Tourism Joanna Mucha, French Minister of Culture Aurelie Filippetti, Spanish former Minister of Defense Carme Chacón, Romanian MP Elena Udrea and Italian former model and current MP Mara Carfagna, who was voted Number 1 on Maxim’s list of World’s Hottest Politicians.


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