Golden Dawn Supporters Attack Passengers on Athens Metro

    On Tuesday night, supporters of Golden Dawn attacked an immigrant who was in the metro en route to/from Piraeus – Kifisia. At 11pm, a man from Pakistan was attacked by a gang of almost 30 people while the train had stopped at station “Agios Nikolaos,” an area near the center of Athens. A few days ago, another incident took place where Neo-nazis attacked immigrants. The injured man was transferred to KAT, a hospital in the north of Athens, while the attackers disappeared.

    More incidents of violence took place the same night from Golden Dawn supporters after the rally organized in memory of “Alosi,” the fall of Constantinople at the hands of Ottomans in May 1453. Incidents of racist violence are becoming more and more frequent after Golden Dawn made it to Athens town council in the last local elections. Golden Dawn announced that, it “condemns violence and rejects all accusations that it had anything to do with the incidence.”

    On the other side, the union of Metro employees condemns incidents of racist violence and violence itself and asks from police to find those who attacked the immigrant. In their announcement, they underlined that poverty, xenophobia and social holocaust are the result of anti-labor policies being implemented the last few years. Workers, unions and the Greek people must stand against those who use the circumstances to pass their fascist agenda, concludes the announcement of the union.


    1. As a non-Greek looking American, no one is safe unfortuantely.  As last night they even attacked a few Polish immigrants which means that any caucasian American tourist could be at risk.  I only hope if an American is attacked (by accident or not) that the US Embassy will pressure Greece enough to make them do something, as they certainly don’t seem interested in catching the crimianls who attack immigrants from countries without the juice of America.