Greek Model Ria Antoniou Stars in Russian Advertisement

During the winter months, Ria Antoniou took part in the Italian version of the show “Dancing with the Stars” and wowed Greece’s neighboring Italy with her dancing talent.  “Bambola” Ria (“Doll” Ria) was able to move to a variety of dances and make Italian audiences take note as she jived in her high heels in alluring dresses.

Ria has also traveled to Moscow to star in a big Russian advertisement.  She was picked from among hundreds of models from Italy, Russia and other European countries.

The advertisement company was looking for a beautiful modern lady to star in the project and they found it in Greek Ria. The premise is that the world’s most beautiful models are inside an elevator when Ria, with her nice hair and her red lips, gets in. But the emergency button of the lift turns red because the 7 people weigh more than the allowed limit. Ria leaves the scene with an impressive walk and the same story happens when a lesser attractive woman tries to get into the elevator. Only when a cute girl, having consumed light mayonnaise, hops in, the button turns green again.