Greek Parliament Member Attacks and Slaps Another MP Live on TV (Video)

Greek MP Attack Ilias Kassidiaris Liana Kanellis Greece Parliament

Golden Dawn MP and spokesman, Ilias Kassidiaris, attacked and slapped Communist Party MP Liana Kanelli in the face. The incident took place during a live TV show panel in Greece on Thursday morning.

Before slapping and attacking Liana Kanelli the Golden Dawn member threw a glass of water to SYRIZA MP Rena Dourou. Kasidiaris became really upset after Dourou made reference to a court case pending against Kasidiaris during on Greece’s Kalimera Ellada TV show.

The 32-year-old Golden Dawn MP is facing a charge of assisting an attack and robbery against a postgraduate student in 2007. His trial has been adjourned until June 11.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for the spokesman of Greece’s extremist far-right Golden Dawn party after he physically assaulted the two left-wing deputies.

Employees of the Antenna TV station where the show was aired tried to stop Kasidiaeis after the incident but he had already left the station.

Watch the video of the incident below:


Golden Dawn, which vehemently denies the neo-Nazi label, has been accused of being behind violent attacks against immigrants. The party won nearly 7 percent of the vote in May 6 election

Galden Dawn is the extremist far-right Greek Party that accumulated almost 7% of the vote during the last Greek election and entered into the parliament. Greek media have often accused Golden Dawn for showing violent behavior towards Greek citizens  and immigrants who do not agree with their political views.


  1. Golden Dawn party is the creation of other political parties. Greeks disgusted with all
    other parties voted for Golden Dawn to show their disapproval and dissatisfaction of the state of affairs of the country and the two major parties caused to the country. For 38 years, Pasok and ND parties have been taking turns in hiring thousands of unneeded workers for the public sector in returns for their votes in elections along with tax evasion, corruption, inefficiency, bureaucracy, no justice system to punish corrupts politicians and citizens alike with uncompetitive economy and unhealthy system pushed investors away from the country. For many years, Greek politicians looted the country’s wealth, giving the rights to civil servants to do as they wish putting their interests above the interest of the country and people’s rights thus creating the so called “Corruptionocracy” never seen before in any other country. Greek politicians are traitors because they betrayed their Oath of office against the people and the country leaving people with no alternative other then to vote for Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn party is not other then what the world have seen live on TV, hitting and terrorizing people.