French President Hollande Warns Greece to Respect its Commitments Referring to Probable Euro Exit

    The newly-elected French President Francois Hollande gave an exclusive interview to Greek TV station Mega with journalist Olga Tremi on Wednesday, June 13th.

    In his statements he warned that some countries in Europe would want Greece to be forced out of the euro zone if it did not respect its obligations to international creditors after the June 17 elections, but he noted that his wish is not to “give a lesson” to Greeks or anyone else.

    In his interview, Hollande said he wanted Greece to remain in the single currency and would argue for the use of European structural funds to help it return to growth. He said Greek voters would decide what they wished for in the coming elections and expressed his respect for the suffering Greek people.

    “But I have to warn them, because I am a friend of Greece, that if the impression is given that Greece wants to distance itself from its commitments and abandon all prospect of recovery, there will be countries in the euro zone which will prefer to finish with the presence of Greece in the euro zone,” he pointed out.

    He said Greeks could have confidence that if they decided to remain in the euro, they would be helped by their European and international partners.  He also specified that Greece’s richest will “have to pay their own share” and asked for sincerity on Greece’s side.


    1. Greek politicians haven’t honored the Oath of Office so would they honor the memorandum??? It’s a joke for a Greek to honor his/her word.

    2. lol – The Greeks have got to be the worst people in the world. Such a cowardly nation. Austrians  at least work and pay taxes and is also a country that survives on Tourism. I hope the greeks go out of the union and also hope that no foreign tourist go there anymore. Greece makes me sick


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