Secret Polls Show Extremely Difficult Derby Among Greek Parties

The upcoming elections have to be Greece’s most critical in all of  its modern history. Former powerful parties, PASOK and New Democracy, lost many voters on May 6th due to their pro-bailout policy. On the contrary, leftist party SYRIZA increased their voters and finished second in the election race.

Greek Constitution prohibits opinion polls from being held a few days before the election but secret polls show that Sunday may be turned into a thriller for the Greek political leaders and consequently, for its citizens.

New Democracy and SYRIZA appear to get  almost the same votes, so that no one is sure about the final tally . Moreover, undecided rates  have hit record high percentages.  According to companies undertaking secret polls, about 15% of the voters have not decided yet who to vote for this Sunday.

Most polls report that no matter which party gets more votes, it would be quite difficult for any to gather more than 30 percent of the electoral vote.

As for PASOK, it may manage to get more than 10% percent in the election. Far-right Golden Dawn and left-wing DIMAR will get, according to the poll participants, similar to what they received in the May 6th vote.

On the contrary, Independent Greeks and Greek Communists appear to be getting lower percentages in the upcoming repeat elections but no one doubts their remaining in the Parliament, though.


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