Desperate Mother Who Stole Milk Released from Charges of Theft

    The 32-year-old mother who stole milk and ice-cream to feed her starving kids was left free of charge in Heraklion, Crete. The Heraklion prosecutor had issued an arrest warrant against her yesterday, but the day after she was acquitted. The devastated woman appeared in court in a terrible psychological condition only to confess that she had stolen milk for herself and her small children.  Speaking to the journalists, she claimed it was the first time she had ever done such a thing, and it was her desperation that led her to this action, since her family is in difficult economic conditions.

    “I was desperate, hopeless, my kids were starving,” she explained, noting, however, that she has regretted her decision and that she cannot even look her two daughters (aged 4 and 6) in the eyes after her arrest.

    The 32-year-old grabbed two cans of long-lasting milk, a carton of fresh milk and an ice-cream without paying.
    After the public’s reaction in favor of the desperate woman, the head company of the supermarket chain decided to drop the charges against her, especially after her confession that she had gone ahead with her act in the face of the economic despair and under the specter of hunger.   As a result, the hopeless mother was left free of charges to return to search for another meal for her small children.


    1. To all politicians…Shame on you for what is happening to my country… The country is bankrupt and you are the main cause of this crisis…You all should be in jail instead of this poor mother unable to feed her children…You should be lynched for what you have caused to people…No more to say

    2. Is there any way to donate to people in this situation? 

      Also why is the church not stepping in to help families and particularly children!!!!!!!!!

      What is the Orthodox church doing?

    3. the church? lol it’s preying – but that doesn’t stop the hunger. its opium for the people. only real distribution of wealth and non-capitalistic structures that promote participation and innovation will stop the crisis. this can only be done if the global community acts as one – not denying their (national) heiritage but anticipating their common future instead.

    4. Who runs the world… for gods sake, we would see these more and more and more often than expected. A person has all the right to find food for its children and that is as simple as that. Greeks have the most wonderfulf gift of it all, love for children and elders and for them to get to that point has to be the last resource in life. I am glad I do have a little give mine but if for some reason I ever find myself in the position where my children need food, I guess I would do the same. Good for the market who did what they did and I do hope tomorrow Greek get out of these EU and get their lifes going like Greeks and not under the control of … you know who!

    5. Blame the politicians……because they elected themselves. 

      Don’t blame the people who elected them…..because they willingly believed in their lies.

      Look no further then all the unicorns Tsipras is promising. Do you blame Tsipras if can’t deliver the unicorns? Or the people? Is there a difference between people who lie and people who know it’s a lie but still want to believe? 

      It’s the last chance Greece has to get it right….good luck. 

    6. Every time I visited Greece to see family (5 times) they laughed at me and others (from Australia) because of our work ethics, the amount of tax we pay (they have a point) and that we don’t spend enough time “enjoying” life.
      When I told them to stop wasting their grand parents pension and get a job they laughed and said they refuse to work for the same pay as an Albanian (EU$8/hr).
      Now they’re begging for jobs at EU$4p/hr and now they’re begging me to move them to Australia and to employ them in my company.

      However………….I have no use for those that are lazy, disrespectful & racist.

      Stay where you are and face the consequence of years of doing the wrong thing………and before anyone criticizes me, I don’t blame any particular person or class. Everyone is at fault. From top to bottom, the rich, the poor.
      Everyone abused the system. Everyone knew it was being abused. No one did anything about it.

    7. I see your point, but let me ask you… have you also noticed the family values in Greece vs other countries? Kids are respectful to their elders, people open their doors to others – in all honestyx, tell me… in your side of the world would the Super Marked have dropped the charges and even asked the lady who took the milk to go back and get some food to feed her babies???? guess you loose my friend, Next time you VISIT Greece dont show off your living standards and try to change them, instead take some lessons in Family Values and love for your fellow men…. got news for you, that would be the only thing worth while in a not so far time.

    8. Imagine if the same thing happened to an albanian, turkish, african or any mother of other ethnicity in Greece. Would they get the same merciful judgement?

    9. You are not alone. EVERY ex-patriot faced, past tense, the same myopic derision. Now, the very same people are asking if they or their children can go to US, Canada, Germany, Australia for a better life. 
      Why? To face a life of taxes and hard work? What happened to the easy life?

      Decisions have consequences. Something that escapes too many Greeks. 

    10. Lesson one…..

      Yes, in other countries a poor person who had to steal to feed their children would have either been let go by the store owner, or the policeman, or the courts. She would  NOT be prosecuted despite what you want to believe. If anything,, there is too much leniency for far greater theft then some milk. 

      Lesson two….

      Those countries like Australia, EVERYBODY pays their taxes and as a result, even the POOREST do not have to resort to stealing to feed their children. There are welfare system there for their protection. 

      Lessen three….

      I traveled to about 30 countries and Greeks have not cornered the market in family values. Every family in every corner of the world have them. To think otherwise is monumentally ignorant.

      Last but not least….

      Pay the taxes. Pay ALL your taxes. Greeks need to learn that the victim mentality they so lovingly embrace is falling on deaf ears. NOBODY cares to hear it. NOBODY believes it. It’s not the Germans or the Americans or the banks or the Martians who are plotting against Greeks. It’s Greeks plotting against each other that got you where you are. 

    11. Family values????? In Greece????? My god, when did you last go there?

      I know that on the 25th of March in Australia the Greek communities in each city organise marches etc where all the children dress appropriately. The boys with pants and shirts tucked in, the girls with dresses/skirts to their knees. Poems are read and a march is done with military precision.
      Have you seen the children in Greece??? Short skirts, shirts hanging out etc……NO PRIDE!

      And as for respect…….
      “Ela re Patera, rixe kanena frango” was the most common phrase from youths whos biggest priority was not to wake up befor 3pm.
      My grandfather begged the local (Greek) kids (some of them family members) to turn the soil in his garden and offered to pay them. None could be bothered. Instead two boys from Skopje did it for him and thanked him for the EU$80 for 6 hours work.

      These are by no means isolated cases.

    12. It seems to me you are enjoying the disgrace of the greeks.
      Of course now is your oportunity to go back and laugh at them.I dont think the greek joy of life is the problem.
      The blame is on politics and economic factors.
      the greeks that  settled around the world are known as honest, hard working people, and i dont think that there was some kind of special edition  of greeks for exportation.