Bild: Defaulted Greeks Rile Against Germany

The online edition of the German newspaper Bild commented on the defaulted-Greeks riling against Germany in view of the upcoming Euro 2012 game between the two countries next Friday.

The German report made reference to several Greek sports newspapers that are mixing politics with sports especially after Greece’s victory against Russia last Saturday. In particular it referred to the Greek sports daily’s Goal News article challenging “Bring us Merkel” even before Germany had finished top of Group B.

“You IMF our Greece, we TNT your Euro,” wrote Greek Metro Sport, while “This is how your debtors qualify; Angela get ready,” wrote Greek daily Sport Day in a similar politically orientated manner after the Greek outsider team beat Russia and had everyone celebrating across the country.

Germany beat Denmark on Monday 2 to 1 and will now face the Greek team next Friday in Gdansk, Poland.

According to Orange UK News, Greek national Giannis Maniatis said that Greece surprised everyone by winning its Russian opponents and knows very well that the next game will be against the best team in the Euro. Maniatis also said that the political dimension added to the game is of no interest to the Greek camp but rather the joy and pride they can bring to Greeks.

German midfielder Lars Bender has also underscored that the following game has nothing to do with politics and told his fellow nationals not to underestimate the Greek team that is inspired by the Greek crisis to aim higher.


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