Half of Police Force Votes for Chrysi Avgi Again

    Despite the violent behavior of some of the MPs of Greece’s far-right party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) and the numerous cases of attacks on immigrants reported in Athens and other Greek cities, almost one out of every two policemen voted for the party with pro-Nazi tendencies in last Sunday’s elections, as they had on May 6th.
    This was seen in an analysis of the ballots cast in the 11 voting stations of the capital in which (on the basis of special electoral lists) thousands of active policemen from several different divisions within the Athens police force voted. The analysis was published by the authoritative weekly To Vima.
    In the voting stations in question, from number 806 to number 816, all near the Athens central police headquarters, Chrysi Avgi got between 17.2% and 23.04% of votes, a percentage almost the same as that received in the May 6 elections by the pro-Nazi party.
    In voting station number 809 in the elections 40 days ago, Chrysi Avgi had got 21.6% of the votes while in the June 17th ones it got 21.07%.
    The same was seen in other voting stations, such as number 806, where the party raked in 21.99% compared with the 22.2% received on May 6, and in number 811 the respective figures were 23.04% this time round compared with the 23.08% a month ago.  In voting stations 804 and 805, near the previously cited ones, but where police usually do not cast their ballots, the percentages received by Chrysi Avgi were respectively 5.35% and 6.57%.
    To Vima noted that this fact raises a number of serious questions about the political leanings of Greek police officers.
    (source: ansa)


    1. The article says this…..

      —— analysis of the ballots cast—— 

      How do they know this considering voting is a secret? This is more of an agenda to discredit the police then anything else. 

      We had the same “revelations” of “voter fraud” for anywhere where the leftist didn’t get  a majority. It’s standard whine of the left.  

    2. OK, seriously?  That’s kind of like saying, because ballots are secret, we don’t know who won.  Clearly ridiculous.

      We can still count the ballots.  We can still cross reference the number of votes for a particular party at a particular voting station.  We can still know who voted at that station.  We can’t say which particular person cast which particular ballot.  But we can aggregate and say “at polling stations where a large number of people of Type X voted, the result was Y, therefore there is a correlation between being a person of type X and having a voting pattern Y”.  You don’t have to know who voted for whom.


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