Parliament, 1/5 Women for First Time Ever

For the first time in the history of the Greek Parliament, 20% of MPs will be women.

On the basis of the June 17 election results, the number of women in Parliament rose by 2.7% than that in 2009 to comprise 60 out of 300.

The parliamentary group with the highest percentage (35% and seven women) is Independent Greeks, while that with the lowest (5.56% and one women) is Golden Dawn.

In second place is the Greek Communists Party (33.33% and four women), then Syriza (30.99% and 22 women), Democratic Left (29.41% and five women), New Democracy (13.95% and 18 women) and PASOK (9.09% and three women).

In a statement, the General Secretariat for Equal Rights noted that the presence (one fifth) of women in Parliament is still well below the minimum limit called for (one third) by Greek law.

(source: ANSA)