A Hot Summer Calls for Evia’s Top 5 Crystal Clear Beaches

The heat index has spiked in the past few days all over the country, and Greek summer is here (at last!) including fresh fish, all-day swimming in deep blue seas, watermelon to feel a bit cooler and cocktails all night long.  A less famous island, that of Evia, in the Aegean Sea and rather close to Athens attracts many tourists during the summer who relax on its beautiful beaches.

Evia is Greece’s second biggest island after Crete and offers many cheap vacation opportunities. Its capital, Chalcis, has more than eight beaches around the city. What’s better or more “summerish” than a city where locals walk with their swimsuits on, carrying their beach towels and head for the closest beach?

The stunning landscape and the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the Evoikos Gulf are only few reasons why we could not escape from  introducing Evia’s top 5 beaches.

♯ 5- Hiliadou beach

Hiliadou is a wonderful shingle beach almost one hour and 15 minutes away from Chalcis. It is situated in central Evia and during summer weekends, both locals and tourists spend much of their time there. Camping lovers have also found one of their paradise locations and as a result, you may find many tents and campers under the thick trees. Of course, camping is forbidden in Greece.

And if swimming makes you feel hungry or tired, you may find many traditional fish taverns and hostels available.

♯ 4- Agia Anna beach

Another extraordinary beach is that of Agia Anna. It is situated in northern Evia, a 1.45-hour-drive away from Chalcis. Agia Anna is a pretty long and wide sandy beach. Its deep blue waters attract hundreds tourists during the summer. There are many souvenir stores and taverns along its perimeter. Moreover, the camping located close to the beach, in the middle of a pine tree forest, is very popular among young people since it offers a cheap vacation.

Major plus: Everyone parks their cars away from the beach and thus, your short or long trip remains natural in every way!


♯ 3- Rovies Beach

Rovies is the ideal choice for anyone interested in refreshing swimming. It is so quiet that you even forget about the Memorandum! It is almost 105 minutes away from Chalcis on the road to Edipsos.

Upon your arrival at Rovies, you may not find the beach at once, so you could ask the friendly locals to show you the way to the beach. Rovies is not so famous and maybe that’s the key to relaxation! Crystal clear water, coffee on the beach and only three sunshades available to choose. No, it is not a tiny beach, though as you may imagine. On the contrary, it is quite long!

♯ 2- Agiocampos beach

This beach could be our top 5’s first beach as well! Despite the fact that you need a longer drive to reach Agiocampos in northern Evia, the scenery reveals a well-hidden treasure that make you not regret your choice! Agiocampos has crystal clear waters and many different kinds of fish and shellfish. But if you cannot be satisfied with just swimming next to them, you have many taverns, restaurants and hotels to chose from! Take a look at the jewel of the beach Agiocampos Bay!

Agiocampos is not a top destination for tourists, however! But for locals or others that have visited it once, it is one of Evia’s best beaches. As for the nightlife, summer is at its best in Agiocampos village with many people joining local bars and clubs.

How to reach Agiokampos? You can either drive to the beach (an approximately 2-hour-drive from Chalcis) or by ferry from Glyfa and Arkitsa port.

♯ 1- Mourteri Beach

Probably the best beach on Evia. For sure, many other beaches could be our number one but Mourteri totally deserves this place! It is almost 10 kilometres away from the city of Kymi or the “balcony with view to the Aegean Sea” as is called. The water? Deep blue! The temperature of the water? Even better- the feeling is as a swimming pool not so cold and of course, not so hot either. But the beach itself is the best! 4.5 kilometres long, no stones, no sand, something different. It has a quite small cobble that calls you to play perfect beach tennis!

The only thing that could make you angry on Mourteri is if someone decides to bring their towel closer than 100 metres to you and your company since there’s so much free space for everyone.

Evia is an amazing island and the above-mentioned beaches are just a little glimpse of the many more available! So, when you decide to visit Evia you will find dozens of other beautiful beaches as well!