Georgia Samaras: The New “First Lady” of Greece

Georgia Samaras, the low-profile wife of Greek Prime Minister, is the person who has stood by Antonis Samaras over the last 22 years for better and for worse. Greeks are just starting to know her!

The Greek elections are finally over (one more time) and a new government has been formed aiming at leading the country out of the crisis. Party leaders have attracted international media attention for quite a long time now, but as the saying goes, “behind ever successful man, there is a good woman.”   Now the focus is falling on the leading conservative political power of Greece, Nea Dimokratia and its president Antonis Samaras who managed to prevail in domestic politics after the last general election results and become Prime Minister.

Numerous reports have tried to analyze and create a comprehensive profile of the Greek politician lately, but there is only little information widely known about the person who has stood by Samaras over the last 22 years for better or for worse.

The wife of Antonis Samaras, Georgia, is a civil engineer and the elder daughter of tycoon Akis Kritikos who owns the well-known canning company “Kyknos”. Georgia is described by those who know her as a calm force, with morals and a strong sense of urban finesse. She does not really enjoy the limelight, and it is almost always hard to come across any interviews featuring her. “It’s neither my style nor my children’s to give interviews,” Georgia Samaras has told Ethnos daily in the past.

Georgia Samaras attending a political gathering of New Democracy

Despite her choice to keep a low profile, everyone inside their family circle knows that Georgia is Antonis Samaras’ alter ego. “I’ve had some tough hours of political isolation but they’ve helped me become a better person. Throughout the 11 years of my political exile, my wife has been my only support,” commented the current president of Nea Dimokratia on the important role his wife has played in his life.

The two of them first met on a night in 1989 during a political gathering of Nea Dimokratia in Nea Erythrea, Athens. Georgia escorted her father to the gathering, where Antonis Samaras was to deliver a speech. When the speech was over, Samaras greeted Georgia and her father and would later reveal that he had felt an immediate spark between them. As the story goes, Samaras had been asking everyone about the unknown girl he had met that night and by chance his brother knew her father and arranged for the two to meet.

A year later Georgia and Antonis married in Pylos amidst more than 3,000 guests. Soon they would have their first child, Lena, who is currently studying in London. Their younger son, Konstantinos, is still in secondary school.

The 61-year-old politician has claimed several times that his adventures in and out of the Greek politics held one good thing for him: he was there while his children were growing up.


  1. Georgia Samaras is not the first lady of Greece.  Ms. Samaras is the wife of the Prime Minister who is head of the government but not head of state.  The first lady of Greece is Mrs. Papoulias, wife of the President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias.

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