Greece-Egypt: an Age-Old Relationship

Austrian professor Günther Hölbl will deliver a speech on June 29th at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens about the relationship between Greece and Egypt in the Iron Age. Archaeological findings as well religious and artistic influence obvious in the habits of these two civilizations confirm, according to experts, their close connection.

Dr Hölbl has been working on this relationship for over 40 years and focuses on “Egyptian cultural values in the ancient Greek world during the the Protogeometric to Archaic Periods,” as his speech is entitled, tracing back to the 9th century BC, after the so-called “Dark Ages,” when inhabitants of the Greek regions had limited communication with the rest of the Mediterranean people.

But when Greece refreshed its cultural and financial relationship with the Middle East, the first Egyptian items appeared all over Greece.

We should mention that this event is organized by the Hellenic Society for the Study of Ancient Egypt, which makes substantial efforts to shed light on and delineate Egypt’s presence in ancient Greece.

Where and When: at Athens National Archaeological Museum at Patission 44, on June 29th from 18:00 through 20:00. The lecture will be held in English.


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