Famous Indian Actress Has ‘Fallen in Love With Greece’

    While shooting a film in Cyprus, Indian actress Neetu Chandra has made headlines in her country’s newspapers and she has not held back from expressing her enjoyment of the Mediterranean.

    Starring as an Indian girl in the Greek-English film “Home Sweet Home,” Chandra headed on-location to Cyprus but decided to take some extra holiday time after completing the project. The actress took a particular liking to Ayia Napa – a resort known for its sandy beaches – says an Indian news outlet. According to the article, she said “I loved spending all of my time on the beach. It was heavenly, the water was so clear that you could see right through it. I couldn’t help but capture everything that I saw,” and has told people she’s “fallen in love with Greece.”

    In a recent interview, Chandra, who began making waves in the Hindi film industry in 2005 and signed onto her first international film with “Home Sweet Home,” was quoted as saying “I am happy that the Greeks admire us, our impression on them is very good.”


    1. Thank you Miss. Yes the waters around all of the Hellenic speaking world in the Mediterranean, the Ionian and the Aegean are amazing. Like no where else.