November 17 Convicted Terrorist Savvas Xiros Granted Permission to be Transferred to AHEPA Hospital

    The First Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Piraeus on Thursday unanimously accepted a request by convicted November 17 terrorist Savvas Xiros for a five-month temporary and conditional release from prison to undergo treatment at Thessaloniki’s AHEPA Hospital. The convict was transferred today to the hospital facilities.

    Xiros is serving five consecutive life sentences, with an additional 25 years, for his participation in the ultra-leftist “November 17” terrorist organisation. He had been treated for a long time in the prison hospital, but his severe injuries require better facilities and doctors. During these past five months, he will be placed under constant police guard.

    He was arrested in June 2002 at the port of Piraeus when he was seriously injured during a explosion of a bomb he was placing. The blast resulted in the loss of eyesight in one eye, the partial loss of vision in the other, while also blowing away part of his right hand. Ten years after his serious injuries, he gets to leave his cell for at least five months.

    His attorney also claimed that his client suffers from hearing loss and extensive swelling in both legs due to some type of unnamed virus, which he said was contracted in prison. He also stated that he and his client Xiros could ask for an extension of this five-month treatment, as his health condition is critical “as doctors will establish for themselves.”