German Dep. Labor Minister Hans-Joachim Fuchtel In Veria Promoting Local Administration Cooperation

    Friendship between the German city of Trier and the Greek city of Veria was once again promoted during the visit of the German Deputy Labor Minister Hans Joachim Fuchtel to Greece on June 9. He and the Mayor of Veria Charoula Usultzoglou discussed tourism, promotion and processing of agricultural products and collaboration between the libraries of the two cities in the framework of their planned unification in the presence of local agents. Hans Joachim Fuchtel is appointed by the German government to promote cooperation between the Greek-German local administrations.

    “Foundations for the unification with Trier, Germany’s oldest city, were set during the visit we made to the tourism fair in Stuttgard,” following the German government’s invitation, noted Ms Usultzoglou who spoke for the similarities between the two cities. She made a special reference to the land of Alexander the Great, the numerous valuable monuments of the Classical, Hellenistic and Byzantine years, the Altar of the Apostle Paul, the Ottoman and Jewish architectural monuments, the century-old monasteries.

    She pointed out that exploiting the touristic advantages of the region amid the economic crisis is one of the highest priorities for the municipality.