“The Angels Still Live in the Mediterranean” Concert with Greek and Foreign Artists

“Today we are all Greeks.” That was the slogan of the concert thrown last night, June 9, in Kallimarmaro (Panathinaiko Stadium) by Greek singer Lavredis Macheritsas and a number of local and foreign artists, attended by some 38,000-odd people.

Artists from Greece, Italy, France, Belgium and Spain sang that “The Angels Still Live in the Mediterranean.” That was Lavredis Macheritsas’s dream, when he traveled all across Europe with his guitar to sing with, meet and invite artists to Greece, such as Angelo Branduardi,Tonino Carotone, Cristophe, Bernard Lavilliers, Nomadi, Piluka Aranguren, Quatuor Stevens, Josep Tero.

Maria Farantouri also showed up on stage and the main host of the concert, Macheritsas, praised her calling her a priestess of political songs. Dionysis Savopoulos followed Farantouri, while TV host Nikos Aliagas was calling the whole stadium to rise up and applaud. Aliagas was filming the whole thing while on stage to upload it to the internet, as he said. “Europe’s heart beats in a Greek rhythm for 3,000 years. Nobody can steal that happiness from Greece,” he added.

It was the first time that so many European artists gathered together on a stage after having taken part at the creation of a Greek artist’s new CD, under the title “Macheritsas & Friends-The Angels Still Live in the Mediterranean” (EMI Records).

Greek singers Eleonora Zouganeli, Charis Katsimichas, Filippos Pliatsikas, Dionysis Tsaknis and other Greek and foreign artists contributed to the great artistic night.