Most Greeks Think New Government Cannot Solve Woes: Poll

Most Greeks believe their new government is unable to resolve their near-bankrupt country’s problems, a poll found on Thursday.
The poll by Public Issue for Skai TV and the Kathimerini daily found 51 percent of Greeks believe the government is unable to tackle their country’s problems, against 47 percent who think it can.
Sixty-six percent of those surveyed said Greece was on the wrong path. Only 23 percent said things were going well.
The poll is one of the first published since a re-run election on June 17 which failed to produce an outright winner but gave the conservatives a slight lead over the radical leftist SYRIZA party, which opposes the bailout.
Forty percent were not satisfied with the election result, the poll found. Only four percent said they were “very satisfied” and 33 percent that they were “a little” satisfied.
But 45 percent said they viewed the government in a positive light, while 43 percent had a negative impression of it.
The poll found 56 percent of Greeks had a negative view of the opposition and only 31 percent a positive view.
The poll by Public Issue for Skai TV and the Kathimerini daily was carried out nationwide between July 5 and 10.
(source: Skai, Kathimerini, Reuters)


  1. Yes…The government cannot solve the problems because the corrupt system wont allow them to do so…


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