“No More Measures This Year” says Greek Government

    The Greek coalition government has made efforts to collect 11.7 billion euros in order to avoid further measures and taxes, announced state officials. On July 24, troika will return to Greece to conclude on whether the international funders will be lending money to the country in the next two years.

    This means that the Greek government will have to have found some resources till then, otherwise the agreement will be invalid.

    Members of the three-party-coalition government stressed that, till the end of 2012, they will not impose any additional measures under the condition that all measures agreed in March not be cancelled. They added that they have already sent to troika possible resources to collect the amount of money needed and are now waiting their response.

    The Greek state plans to raise money by postponing payments for war equipment. Moreover, it has discussed the possibility of extending compulsory military service from nine to twelve months, in order to avoid employment of more army officers.

    Next Monday, Greek finance minister Yiannis Stournaras is expected to  meet with other ministers to discuss their next steps.



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