Pensioners Protest in Athens and Other Cities for the Drama in the Health Sector

    Pensioners rioted in Athens and other Greek cities on Thursday morning against the disappointing situation in the health sector over the last two years.

    Pensioners of the National Organisation for the Provision of Health Services (EOPYY) marched in Athens calling for free drug supplies and health care services. They gathered at 10:00 in the morning at Kotzia Square and protested against the dramatic conditions at the state hospitals, the staff shortages in doctors and nurses, the medicine shortages etc. and asked for universal medical treatment for everyone.

    They also demanded that insurance funds get more state money, so that the bailout cuts be covered accordingly. They also rallied towards the Health Ministry where they filed their demands to the general secretary of the ministry.

    During the appointed time for the rally, many of the pensioners felt uncomfortable due to the heat and an ambulance was called to the place to intervene in case someone fainted.

    Similar rallies and protests were to be seen also in Thessaloniki, Patra and Veria today morning.


    1. I would replace the word “rioting” in the title of this article. It doesn’t look like there were any riots, just protests, there’s a difference. Was there violence? If not, it was not a riot and should not be described as such when there’s been enough actual riots the past few years shown on the int’l media making Greece look bad.

    2. Thanks for the valuable comment, you are right.. it didn’t occur to me that it’d look as if there were violent incidents.


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