“Pink Panther” Female Prisoner Vanishes into Thin Air

    Olivera Cirkovic, a 43-year-old Serbian woman in custody since March at Athens’s high-security (?) Korydallos Prison awaiting trial for jewelry theft, managed to escape on Thursday with the help of an accomplice, presumably not a Greek national.

    The woman is a former basketball player who is suspected of being part of the so-called Pink Panther gang of jewel thieves who have carried out more than 150 raids in Britain, Dubai, Japan and Switzerland, apart from Greece. She got arrested shortly after two Serbian men aged 20 and 36 were caught in another part of the capital following a shootout with police last March.

    She is believed to have escaped from Korydallos with the help of a man who entered the prison on the pretext of delivering art supplies. The man was heavily armed and managed to knock out a female guard who tried to thwart the pair’s escape, according to reports.

    Greek media gave increased their attention to this case given the escapee’s rather astonishing looks, not to mention the low-security present at Korydallos prison.

    The notorious Eastern European gang drew their media nickname from their jewelry raids, a common theme in the Pink Panther comedy series starring Peter Sellers.


    1. This is ridiculous at a high security prison and they escape…better to leave the doors open to let them come and go as they please…what a suckers Greeks are…………….


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