Council of Europe Human Rights to Investigate Golden Dawn Alleged Attacks

    The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe is reportedly to visit Athens to investigate allegations of attacks against immigrants and journalists by the elected far-right Golden Dawn.

    Nils Mouiznieks, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, told the known Greek newspaper “To Vima” that the council is closely monitoring the situation in Greece. He will visit Athens to investigate any links between the far-right political party, and the Greek police, given that half of the Greek police force voted for Golden Dawn in the election.

    Mr. Mouiznieks said, “We received information that the Greek police is not doing its job in terms of racist crimes. We must thoroughly investigate any links of the Golden Dawn with police, as well as how to deal with racist violence by the police.”

    His remarks follow a report issued this week by Human Rights Watch (HRW) that Greek police are ignoring racist attacks on immigrants.

    The Commissioner went on to say that the rise of the far-right is not unique to Greece but Golden Dawn “is more open to extremist and Nazi views than any other party in Europe.” However, he acknowledged that Golden Dawn is a legitimate political party under Greek legislation.

    (Source: Katerina Nicholas/Digital Journal)


    1.  I don’t support extremist street thugs like Golden Dawn indiscriminately harassing illegals and legal immigrants alike. That said, I don’t trust the “Council of Europe Human Rights” organization any longer. When FYROM long time apologists started to dishonestly play stupid around FYROM’s sudden identity change into descendents of ancient Macedonians and irredentist behavior they lost my respect. They seem to care more about protecting their image than actual human rights. (else they would have denounced FYROM) Greeks are human too.

    2.  Just like to add… I also don’t trust HRW any longer either. Their silence around FYROM government’s behavior tells me they also care more about protecting their image than the human rights of Greeks. (imo many of FYROM’s apologists are now  trying to hide their shame for referencing FYROM as “Macedonia” rather than apologize)

    3. Well if the EU stopped allowing the world and his wife to enter Europe then maybe the native peoples of Europe wouldnt feel so threatened as to feel the need to attack them.

    4.  The European Human Rights Commission? How credible! These are the same people that have European schools serve Halal meat in the interest of “fairness” to Muslims? These are the same people that don’t want our children taught about the glorious crusades in the interest of “fairness” to Muslims? These are the same people who prompted the UNPROVOKED intervention in Kosovo, the bombing on innocent Serbs, and the carving of Serbia’s sovereign territory…???

      Yeah, forgive Greeks and the rest of the world for not caring the the Human Rights Commission says. If Turks are not safe in Greece, go back to Turkey and stop feeding off of Greek welfare. Nobody elected the heads of the commission, nor did anyone elect the people who they report to. Therefore, they have no credibility, and about as much legitimate authority in Greece as the Worker’s Party of North Korea.

    5.  HRW ? I have heard that the billionaire Georges Soros is financing this organization. If this is true, then this organization must definitively not be trusted. For the rest, Hellas is a Sovereign Religious Orthodox State and the people working for the Council of Europe Human Rights aren’t elected and certainly not by us, so we won’t obey them. That’s all.


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