Golden Dawn Starts Soup Kitchens

    Far-right Parliament party Golden Dawn started soup kitchens providing hundreds of people with food in Ilion, Athens and other areas. The first day the kitchen soups were initiated, masses marched to the area demonstrating their unemployment cards or papers certificating their having large-families.

    What sparked controversy among Greek media was the fact that the far-right party demanded that people allowed to take food had to be of exclusive Greek origin. Every immigrant, illegal or not, including Gypsies, is excluded from the soup kitchens; however, we can’t ignore that the 18 elected Golden Dawn MPs and their supporters don’t spend their time and money in cultural events and academic talks, but in actual efforts of social nature.

    Each item in the food supply was bought from state money the party received in proportion to the acquired parliamentary seats (according to the legal framework for elected parties). Everything was bought from Greek firms and Greek producers exclusively. In a symbolic show, in this way, Golden Dawn MPs ‘return’ the Greek people the money they gave them with their vote.

    A few days ago, the party also organized blood donation events for Greeks only. They put up posters all over Athens calling for volunteers to donate blood “for Greeks who need our help.” Once again they received negative comments from across the media and the medical community.

    Regardless if someone (including the writer) does or does not accept the political views of Golden Dawn, their actions should be acknowledged as a slap in the face of the established political world and particularly those claiming to be on the side of the poor and unemployed.


    1. Well done Golden Dawn.  I am not fooled by the “nazi” tag.  They are good people doing good things.  The liberal fascists are just not in the real world.  Let us pray for a Europe for the Europeans, let us us drive out the invader, and let us admit that their “multi-racial” experiment has failed.  Victory will be ours, long live the great leader !!!!

    2. Alcibiades, ur comments r taken on board, but I believe u r as ignorant as most of the believers who constantly compare a political party, voted freely and democratically by some half a million, with one, 70 odd years ago. That in itelf is propaganda at it’s best. They are upfront with their beliefs and policies. One knows what and why, they represent. They act on their word and beliefs. They are NOT a Nazi organisation. The Nazis were defeated 70 years ago. The fascists are the politicians of the last 40 years in Greece, they have participated and allowed the greedy bankers and their so called secret members of the globalisation conspiracy, to sell off the once proud nad independent nation of Hellas to it’s desperate state of today.

    3. More accusation of Nazism? Ugh. People can’t even be genuinely charitable any more. So what if they want to give food and blood to only Greeks? Is the country not called GREECE? You want to talk about fascism? How about the fact that the EU controls 2/3 of all the laws in its constituent countries, despite the fact that they were NEVER elected. 

    4. The problem with your whining is that they nor the rest of us don’t “have” to pander to people like you. 

      I can choose who I want to help and I can choose who I don’t want to help. Your problem and make no mistake, it is a problem as a genuine liberal fascist,  you want to choose, nee, you want to order me who I can help. 

      If you don’t like what they are doing, go and set up a soup kitchens for illegal immigrants. Unlike you, I am giving YOU a choice. 

      Try harder.  

    5. This good nature will never end for our people, that is the point.

      I see more homeless people than I can ever imagine to help, in multicultural-land. What if I choose to help those who look like my son or daughter? Why does that not make me charitable?

      What if I give, but only to those I trust? Does it mean that I do not give? No.


      Mitch Stevens

    6.  What a juvenile post. Are you a Marxist by any chance? I guess you fear Golden Dawn’s rising popularity so you are here to throw infantile accusations and apply Critical Theory to their charitable deeds. Someone needs to stand up for the ethnic Greeks and that sure as hell won’t be you!

    7. Bravo Golden Dawn!! All European countries should take care of their native populations as the Golden Dawn.

    8. Golden Dawn are true heroes of the working class.  Good luck to them, may they continue to grow and gain support.


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