President of Greek Parliament Meimarakis Praised Greek MPs in Foreign Countries

    Mr. Evangelos Meimarakis, the President of the Greek Parliament, praised the work of Greek MPs in foreign countries at the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (WHIA) this week.

    Mr Meimarakis underlined the need for further cooperation with the Australian and Greek Parliament in order to have ministers take on an ambassadorial role for Greece in their own parliaments promoting the country in all aspects.

    “You make us feel proud knowing that you are our best ambassadors in your countries. “I think the Greek MPs of foreign parliaments can play a very important role in Greek times, let alone during the difficult period in our country now,” he said to the delegation that arrived in Athens.

    Meimarakis expressed his wish to expand the friendship already established and use it to turn it into a voice of Greece.

    “It is a process that should not be left simply in a typical friendship but should become more effective and more efficient,” he noted.

    Victorian MP and head of the Association (WHIA) John Pantazopoulos chaired the meeting and congratulated the Head of the Greek Parliament on taking office. He also noted that Meimarakis has always supported Greeks of the Diaspora regardless of his political position.

    He stressed that as Greek expatriates, their influence lies in being united. “The Greeks have excelled at all areas they peruse, whether it is scientific or political. Our strength is when we are united,” he underlined adding that he admires Mr Meimarakis’ political career.

    President Meimarakis mentioned that “although we might find ourselves far away, the distance makes for a more informed and level headed counsel.”  And he continued, “You have the privilege of distance characterizing your view. This allows you to see the Greek reality with more clarity and give us necessary advice.”