Top Nude Beaches on Greek Islands


    Nude swimming, otherwise known as “skinny dipping” or “naturism,” is a controversial practice and way of life that does not appeal to everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, it is a widespread trend aiming at bringing human beings in closer contact with nature and it seems to be attracting more and more people eager to realize “the non-vulgar and non-sexual nudity experience,” as its enthusiasts describe it.

    If you have never been to a nude beach, you cannot fully understand the mentality behind enjoying nature in the buff. It is not about offending anyone, especially those who insist on wearing their swimsuits while enjoying their time at the seashore, but rather about the personal sensation of getting in touch with the forces of the nature without any barriers between you and them.
    Filaki Beach in Crete

    Greece is among the top destinations for nudists from around the world following France and Croatia. The breathtaking and remotely safe-from-common-sight beaches are very attractive to nudists despite the fact that their presence is seen by locals sometimes as provocative and obscene. According to nudists, a nude beach is a place where racism and bathing suits are not welcome. Color, financial or social status and sex are not among the criteria to be met when deciding to visit a nude beach.

    So if you ever decide to take that leap and try skinny dipping, here are some of the most highly-rated and popular nude beaches across Greece.


    Red Beach in Matala, Crete

    Red Beach, Crete: Crete ranks first in offering sandy beaches to those people wishing to live outside the standardized moral rules of modern society. Located in southern Crete and some 25 min away from Matala, Red Beach is hidden behind a rocky hill and a fence and provides a little heaven for both nude and naked swimmers. Tranquil and isolated, you need to take your own towel and provisions when going there for a swim in the hot summer season.

    Filaki Beach, Crete: The only “official” nude beach in Crete is located near Hotel Vritomartis (which is a naturist hotel as well). Characterized as one of the most nude-friendly beaches in Greece, Filaki is a meeting point for both Greek and international naturists.

    Popular naturist Paradise Beach in Mykonos

    Paradise and Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos: Mykonos is mostly known for its 24-hour-long partying, but nudists can also enjoy their dives next to their fancy cocktails. One of the oldest naturist-friendly beaches in Greece, yet overcrowded and sometimes attracting voyeurists, it offers a cheap summer solution because of the nearby camping site.

    Banana Beach, Skiathos: Skiathos offers three beaches that are very close to each other for naked swimming and sun-bathing. The island is extremely popular among younger tourists and those who want to try nudism for the first time.

    Kendros and Livadi Beach, Donnousa: The small island of the Cyclades, near Naxos, is a particularly favored choice for both nudists and those who want to enjoy their summer holidays away from the crowds.

    Mirtiotissa Beach in Corfu island

    Mirtiotissa Beach, Corfu: A nudist paradise and one of the few places on the island where naturism is totally tolerated. Breathtaking cliffs, wild vegetation and rocks planted everywhere, make Mirtiotissa one of the prettiest beaches across Greece and an excellent place for relaxing from the routine. Discovered by the hippies in the ’70’s, the beach is a natural heaven to both nudists and non-nudists.

    Psaraliki Beach, Antiparos: Psaraliki consists of two beaches, Psaraliki I and II. The second beach gathers less people in the summer season, which makes it perfect for nudists. Despite the stony beach, non-nudists also visit Psaraliki II to relax.

    Kastellia and Agontia Beach, Karpathos: The island has many small beaches at a close distance to the big and popular ones that nudists can visit. Although facilities are rare to find, Karpathos remains among the top choice for naturists.


    1. If you are looking to try something new, the clothes free lifestyle could be your answer to meeting new nudist friends who look just like everyone. Naturistmingle.  is the best choice for you! Enjoy our clothing free lifestyle!  Nothing wrong with being naked as long as you enjoy it and can handle it. We are all born that way! 

    2. Good idea…lets turn Greece to a nudist country all together not just in seasides but in workplaces as well…This way people will be more productive

    3. Brilliant job Greece! For those misguided masses, still ignorant of NATURISM folks, to truly understand it, you have to observe babies & toddlers playing naked, the way NATURE intended, except we are ADULTS. As with “all” things in life, you will “always” get a very diverse, cross section of people who are from every social & economical level. With that being said, yes, there will be some people in the world that are just WRONG & that kind of thing can happen “anywhere,” but you have to understand, that weirdos & perverts, are everywhere, & are more likely to wear clothes, & hang out on the fringes. Real Naturists are wonderful, enlightened folks, who live more closely with nature & will not tolerate anything that threatens, abuses, or misrepresents their way of life. So, if you are a twisted pervert, going to a Naturist Beach, just to prey on folks, or get your jollies off, you will not be tolerated! Myself, I was fortunate to be raised on a “clothing optional Beach in Southern California growing up, & so were all my children, & now they are raising their children in the Naturist lifestyle as well. It’s all about Family, personal values, healthy living, & NOT letting those with “their own body & religious issues from ‘unnatural’ dogma” that the world has infected most ADULTS with, who try malign REAL Naturists, just because they are TOTALLY IGNORANT! . IF you get anything from this post, please let it be that if something is wrong, or “UN-natural,” those are “not” REAL NATURISTS & you should take the proper course of action & have them reported, removed, or arrested! Evolve people. Police your own. We do, &  I am an upstanding Member of
      Brightest Blessings In love & light, Blessed Be!

    4.  Get out in NATURE to interact with REAL NATURISTS!
      This is another prime example of what not to do! These kind of websites cause PROBLEMS for REAL Naturist’s, because REAL Naturists are outside, in Nature, not collecting naked photo’s off a web site for their personal “spank banks” & looking for sex partners to swap with. AGAIN, this is NOT NATURISM!!!

    5. Get out in NATURE to interact with REAL NATURISTS!

      AGAIN,…This is another prime example of what not to do!
      These kind of websites
      cause PROBLEMS for REAL Naturist’s, because REAL Naturists are outside,
      in Nature, enjoying life with friends & family, not collecting naked photo’s off a web site for their
      personal “spank banks” & looking for sex partners to swap with.
      AGAIN, this is NOT NATURISM!!!

    6. If Greeks Trojan Horsed their budgets, who trusts their beach and food hygiene? Κοροϊδεύεται με τον Θεό για αυτό σας έρχονται όλα αναπόδα! Όταν νηστεύουν δεν τρώγουν τίποτα, όχι καλαμαράκια. Λέτε ότι δεν ειδωλολατρίτε και αντι τιμάτε τα εικονίσματα μα οι γίδες όλο θέλουν να προσκυνούν. Μάλιστα μας πήρατε την Αθηνά και την βγάλατε Παναγία. Αφού οι άνθρωποι δεν ανέχονται της Ιππος Τρώας απιστίες σας, τότε πως ο Θεός. Αρχιμανδρίτης Ουσένσκης απεκάλυψε πασχαλιάτικο φώσφορο πριν αιώνες! Καλά να πάτε όλοι στην κόλαση μια ώρα γρηγορότερα αφού για να μισείτε τον λαό του Θεούς πρέπει να είστε ο λαός του σατανά! SMYRNA22 USA12. είσαστε ο απατεώνας λαός, είσαστε όλου του κόσμου εχθρός, ίππος Τρωάς δουλεμπόριο δραπετών, με ομόλογα τους κλέψατε μισθωτός, από τον πλανήτη θα σας διώξουν ολοταχώς (Παραφροσίνη τυφλώνει απατεώνα να δικαιολογή οτι αυτόν απατούν) AVENGE ARCHBISHOP IAKOVOS BY SMASHING GREECE Νεας Ιωνίας Δεκεμβριανές μισοῦντες Σιών να Περιτομήσουν κόρες και εγγονές. Ανταρτεγγόνια πίσω στη Τουρκία ως κεμπάπια! Μπουζουκοπουταντιές έξω απο της εκκλησειες! 


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