Facebook Groups Garner Support for Greek Athlete Expelled From London Olympics

    After the Olympics 2012 shock broke out in the Greek and international press today featuring triple-jumper Voula Papachristou and her racist comment on her Twitter account, the Greek athlete has been receiving messages of support in several Facebook profiles from different Greek groups or users who decided to oppose her being banned from participating at the London Games.

    More particularly, Amateur AEK Federation issued an announcement expressing its members’ strong disapproval of the harsh penalty imposed on the federations’ athlete, while many people rushed to personally comment on the unfair kick off of Papachristou from the Greek team.
    In one of the official supportive Facebook profiles, the message calls on all Greeks to support Papachristou and firmly oppose her being expelled from the Olympic Games. A similar second group is already counting 222 members. A third account entitled “Voula Papachristou, we are with you! Back to the Olympics” underscored that if her Twitter comment was made by Greek comedian Lakis Lazopoulos, then everyone would burst out laughing. This particular account already has 439 members.
    “With so many African people living in Greece, mosquitoes of the West Nile [virus] are eating home-made food,” wrote Mrs Papahristou on her Twitter account on July 23rd and had everyone talking about her, her beliefs and participation in the Olympic Games spearheaded to promote human respect and equity.


    1. Banning her from the Olympics is completely against the meaning of the Olympics.  During ancient times the Olympic truce called on all cities to stop fighting and rejoice through competitive sport.  The political and religious differences were put on hold for 14 days.  Does the Olympic games not allow countries and athletes of different religions and political philosophies from preforming?  We have Jews, Christians, Muslims, Communists in the games.  Therefore, whether we like it or not why shouldn’t fascists be allowed.  We should take the higher road and conquer through forgiveness.  Isolating those with different thoughts is just a repression of free speech.

    2. One more reason why Greece is a joke. They did this to look ‘tough’ on racism to other countries and it largely backfired. Most people think Greeks are even dumber than they previously thought (and ppl in Greece have a worldwide reputation for being pretty dumb these days).