Gallup Results: Greeks Are the Most Pessimistic People on the Planet

A recent Gallup survey has exposed once again the sad truth underlying the crisis: depression, unemployment, instability and increased suicide rates in Greece.  In conclusion, the Greeks are the most pessimistic people in the world as far as their future is concerned. More than four out of 10 Greeks (42%) in 2011 expected their lives in five years to be worse than they were at the present time.

Pessimism in Greece is mainly attributed to the political and social instability brought on by the year-long financial crisis and the lack of serious political leadership that would lead the country out of recession. Only 25% of the Greek respondents claimed to be hopeful for the future, while 36% of the Europeans and 66% of the world population seem to be expecting to live a better life.

The same Gallup survey revealed that the Greeks’ hope for the future reached a low point in 2011. The current low-life evaluations of the Greek people, such as pessimism and hopelessness, holds a grave danger for social stability and the newly formed government is called to give something to the people to hope for.

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