Turkish Frigate Trespasses Greek Territorial Waters Near Myconos

    Another maritime trespassing case near the Aegean islands of Mykonos and Tinos by our neighboring country Turkey was reported late on Wednesday. The Turkish military frigate Gokova was found sailing on the Aegean violating the national territorial waters of our country and the rules of innocent passage.

    A frigate of the Greek Navy was monitoring the moves and route of the Turkish ship. It appears that Gokova had actually been exploring the Greek seas since the early morning of Wednesday starting from the area near Crete and Kasos, then Folegandros and Milos and at approximately 19:00 o’clock islands Myconos and Tinos.

    Ankara’s provocative decision to send a military frigate in the heart of the Aegean during the pick of the tourist season has really troubled the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense.

    Even if our neighboring country claimed it was merely a military exercise, it would still be a violation of the moratorium that forbids military exercises from taking place during the summer months.

    And all this on the day that Greece’s Army Chief of Staff Konstantinos Zazias unexpectedly resigns. The turmoil in the country’s political matters has probably signaled to certain people that our defense has become vulnerable.



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