A Greek Version of Death of a Salesman: Pensioner Committs Suicide So Family Can Receive His Life Insurance Compensation

    The local community of Heraklion is shocked by a new suicide committed yesterday, July 25 on Crete. A pensioner jumped from his balcony, unable to deal with his financial problems.

    More specifically, the suicide victim left a letter behind, which was found by his brother. The retired police officer wrote that he could not afford to pay for his daughter’s wedding and thus, he did not have any other choice but to kill himself.

    The coroner on duty, who was called to examine the dead body, told on a local radio station that “Although I’ve done more than 20,000 autopsies in Greece and the USA, I don’t feel strong enough to examine the corpse of a father who killed himself because he could not find the money needed to pay his daughter’s upcoming wedding.”

    The latest reports on the pensioner’s suicide show that the retired policeman committed suicide so that his beloved family could receive money from his long-term life insurance policy.

    (Source: Proto Thema)


    1. More death on the way on the hands of this government and its policies…God save the King…


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