Muslim Minority of Western Thrace Asks for Modern Greek History to be Rewritten

The self-called Advisory Committee of the Turkish Minority of Western Thrace sent a controversial and provocative letter to the Ministry of Education asking for a change in the chapter on the Asia Minor catastrophe included in the elementary history school books.

The Committee asked to change the term “slaughter of Christians and plundering on behalf of the Turks” with the infamous Repousi-term introduced some years ago and describing the Asia Minor catastrophe as a “congestion in the port.” The then Minister of Education Anna Diamantopoulou had been scolded for her efforts of undermining the particular historic moment and was criticized for being excessively Turkish-friendly in her politics.

According to the Greek daily Eleftheros Typos, the Advisory Committee noted in its letter that they wish for clarity and truth. “Historic descriptions like these are not in accordance with the spirit of solidarity and friendship between the two countries. On the contrary, they build up prejudice and extreme beliefs and social groups.”


  1. “On the contrary, they build up prejudice and extreme beliefs and social groups.”You know I could swear that burning down a Greek city and killing its Christian inhabitants may sort of undermine that whole philosophy. There is no foundation for them to throw around words that claim to threaten the ‘solidarity’ and ‘friendship’ between Greece and Turkey, especially when all one has to do is look at the skeleton of the Greek ‘minority’ population left in Constantinople, all-the-while the Turkish minority in Thrace is flourishing. Hrmmm And all of this not in the Byzantine or Ottoman days, but the days of modern, contemporary Greek and Turkish states. 

  2. I live in Australia and I have Turkish friends. But that does not mean that I would ever countenance covering up the evil that was perpetuated against Hellenes by the Ottoman Turks, the on going theft of half of Thrace, the vandalism of Orthodox Churches in Constantinople…

  3. My Grandparents were forced to leave Constantinople without been able to take even their clothes so how come history can be rewritten???

  4. Still. For the sake of a better world, these calamitous events could be described more in the spirit of an unfortunate done deal, and not as a way of keeping old wounds alive. Highly emotive language should be avoided.

  5. I think a committee of historians, chosen on the basis of their areas of expertise and the respect they have garnered for the validity of their research and the objectivity of their conclusions should be chosen to propose the schoolbook text for this piece of history, at least.  No serious historian would write something so inflammatory as “slaughtering of Christians…on behalf of the Turks.”  As it is ludicrous and shameful to cover up whatever did happen and why, as “congestion in the port.”  Most of all the children we are teaching should know that whatever happened was perpetrated by a government that has nothing to do with the people who are Turks, not now and to a large degree, not then.  

  6. Well soon Greece will not exist as a state anymore, but will have it’s place taken by suddenly larger Turkish, Albanian, Italian, “Macedonian” states.

    Crete may stay independent, or perhaps as a protecterate of the USA.