Theodoros Pangkalos Launches “We All Ate Together” Website

    The former Minister Theodoros Pangkalos notified through his Twitter account that the new website (“We all ate together,” i.e. a comment made by the former Deputy PM on tax-evasion and corruption in Greece).

    Pangkalos calls on Greek citizens to share their own stories of corruption either anonymously or otherwise through the website, which supports the soon-to-be released e-book authored by the socialist veteran. Everyone will get the space to publicize and reveal any stories of patronage and political corruption they have experienced for themselves.

    Visitors of the website will also have the chance of watching once again the We-all-ate-together statement of Pangkalos made on September 21, 2012, at the Hellenic Parliament as well as the whole session.

    Moreover, the website is expected to publicize data concerning the Greek debt crisis.


    1. We did not ate them all, you and your colleagues from other political parties and their parasites looted its wealth and bankrupt the country.