‘I Am Greek and I Want to Go Home’ Movement for the Repatriation of Looted Greek Antiquities

    “You can steal a statue. But you can NOT steal my origin.


    Citizens of the World, I am being kept hostage

    HELP ME RETURN HOME, to Greece.

    I was made to be ridden by Heroes, I was made to run on stone,


    I was born in Greece, my sisters are there.”

    That’s the new video by the Independent Voluntary Movement for the Repatriation of the Looted Greek Antiquities, initiated by photographer and musician Ares Kalogeropoulos who has launched an international campaign for that cause. Ares Kalogeropoulos created a visual appeal for the return of the priceless marbles currently in London.

    The video showing a Caryatid from the British Museum requesting her return HOME; to Greece next to her SISTERS, has sparked admiration among Internet users.

    The purpose of this video action is the return of Greek antiquities known as Elgin Marbles illegally detained abroad.



    1. Never forget the stolen “Marbles” in the Vatican and the Louvre as well. I still believe that we could do a swap re them, offering Italian and other foreign antiquities. Then we would focus on teh thieving British Government. In the mean time every Hellene in Britain should be recruited as an ambassador for the Marbles

    2. The Libor scandal based in the UK is the biggest scandal of world history.  The fraud low interest rates set by Britain is what fuelled the cheap loans for Derivatives fraud and is what destroyed the Savings Accounts of Pensioners and conservative investors.

      If the UK destroyed the world economy with LIBOR i don’t expect them to give back antiquities anytime soon.  If anything they used the Elgin marbles as collateral for Banks to gamble abroad.

    3. kalimera sto “I am Greek”. When did you decided to start this initiative and why now??? Greek antiquities where stolen long time ago and no one thought about raise this issue to bring them back home, why now??? Is it because of the economic crisis you want to show patriotism or to divert people’s attention from the country’s bankruptcy and the political corruption??? You are all hypocrites, you think about the “Patrida” when you are in crisis only but you don’t think about the country’s prosperity and the future of the people when Greek politicians who looted the country’s wealth are still in power governing the country without being questioned about their roles in this disaster. Wake-up Greeks and see who are the real thieves and do the honorable thing and arrest all those who destroyed our beloved country and save it from a big disaster.

    4.  It’s not a bad idea for a society to reclaim its historic objets d’art. I would suggest that the documentarian IS doing this his way of saying F U to a world that doesn’t seem to care about the Greek debt crisis and is blaming a liberal bank loan environment on the borrowers, not just the lenders.

      Here in the US and most other Western countries, we primarily blamed the banks for their own poor loan-making decisions, we could very easily have been in the same boat as the Greeks, Except we are a more powerful nation and instead of being forced by some so-called “economic allies” and responding to recession with austerity (the exact OPPOSITE of what a nation should do, as learned time and time again in the 20th century) we were able to respond to our banking crisis is the near-immediate creation of a fund to offer emergency loans to banks if needed, followed by a very quickly implemented series of bank stress-tests in order to further calm the environment of panic that had taken hold by the last quarter of  2008 and  the first of 2009.

      Anyhow, the statues were pilfered, and belong in Greece. Who cares when they are demanded or finally returned, or the motivation for finally making the demand. The  demand in itself is legitimate.

    5. I like your comment Ari, that you gave to Maverik.I believe that the blame should go more to the lenders(banks) for this economic crisis.I just read somewhere, Greece is gonna sell some of its military industry to a Muslim country.I think that’s a big mistake.I am sure also the oil rights to Greece will be sold.I don’t understand why would you sell something that could make money for the country(oil,gold,islands,etc..).As for selling military industry to a Muslim country,its like giving up your defense secretes.Where are the Greek hero’s of today to save Greece from the vulture’s.Where are the true patriots that love there country,culture,language, which give’s them there identity.If I was a leader of a country, I wouldn’t go with such extreme austerity that can destroy an economy, let alone sell resources and military industry to foreign hands  


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