Golden Dawn Goes After Immigrant Charged With Assaulting Teen Girl

PIRAEUS -Police said that a gang led by members of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn invaded a ship and tried to attack a 21-year-old Pakistani immigrant charged in the beating and sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl on this Greek island when he was transferred to Piraeus.

The immigrant admitted to the attack and apologized in court to the girl, who is still hospitalized in serious condition and to her family. He is charged with attempted manslaughter, rape and robbery, and faced a Syros prosecutor to give his deposition. He said he beat the girl’s head on some rocks when she wouldn’t turn over a cell phone he was trying to steal. She was found with the bottom of her bathing suit removed. The Pakistani admitted to attacking the girl after a second test of his DNA matched a sample taken from the victim, a police spokesman said.

The state posted a lawyer for the defendant as he couldn’t obtain a lawyer willing to represent him. During his moving from Syros to Piraeus, while the ship had just arrived in the port, police said a group of 20 Golden Dawn members dressed in black t-shirts and military jeans, with one waving a Greek flag, came on the ship and tried to reach the police van where he had been placed. Seconds later, the van screamed off the ship, showing a broken windshield. The man had applied to return to Pakistan as part of a voluntary repatriation scheme funded by European Union subsidies, authorities revealed, and had been due to fly out of Greece on Aug. 8.

The relevant video can be seen here


  1. I Won’t be surprised if Al Qaeda starts sending suicide bombers to Greece then I want to see what Golden Dawn is going to do.

  2. Salconstandinidis, If Al Qaeda starts sending suicide bombers a greater number of Greeks will support Golden Dawn and probably a terrorist organization against muslims will be born

  3. I am curious to know whether the official version of the police “saying” MEMBERS OF THE NEO-NAZI PARTY is correct, or simply a saturated propaganda statement by certain groups/ media/ political interests.
    How in the world can anyone convince the average person, that a lawful political party in a democratic western nation, voted by a free citizen, be a so-called neo-nazi movement?
    Their emblem is an ancient Hellenic/Roman symbol, their pre-election policies are nationalistic, for Greeks in Greece. Anyone care to share their versions?

  4. Long Live Pakistan!! .. Down with the kafir propaganda.. A muslim can never do such a thing..

  5. Muslims know how to die they will kill Golden dawn one by one I have live in The Arab countries I know

  6. As a Greek I would agree that  Golden Dawn are extremists but this doesn’t actually mean that illegals shouldn’t be ejected. Every country (including multicultural ones) has a right to decide who it lets into its country. Every country deports illegal immigrants.

    Someone that starts their journey as an alleged “immigrant” to a new nation… by first violating its borders rather than applying legally is hardly a good candidate for integration and citizenship. Contrary to bizarre claims of pseudo-human rights groups (often just fronts for far leftist extremists and sometimes even nationalists who play word games) illegals aren’t  “victims”. They are indeed criminals for violating the law.  Commie groups like Syriza that frame deportations with rhetoric like “pogram”  are just as extreme as Golden Dawn.

  7.  Care to elaborate on that? Because that looks like an ad hominem attack rather than a constructive counter point. You’re not from the Left are you?

  8. About time we had a group like this in the UK.  Far too many immigrants (mainly Muslim) raping our young girls and women (usually non-Muslim) here.

  9. Anti-white terrorists opened the borders to all white countries and unleashed these rape squads on our beautiful white people.

    These anti-whites can shoot a missile through a window, in a Moslem country, then they say they can’t stop this invasion from the third world? Liars!

    This invasion of white countries and subsequent rapes are occurring, because they WANT them to. A white is attacked by a non-white, every 30 seconds in America alone!

    This is anti-white terrorism!

  10. Greece is ruled by genocidal extremists, that are trying to make the Greeks a vanishing minority in their own country. Opposition to the anti-white terrorists that want White Genocide in Greece, is far from extreme.

  11. So that makes it ok to rape their women in your delusional camel humping mind? Go back home sand ni**er…

  12. Golden Dawn is a hateful, no good, neo nazi organization for speaking the truth and defending their own people!!!

  13. The raghead “culture” is a thing to behold!! They hold their women down and force them to cover themselves head to toe while raping and brutalizing our women all the while despising us! LOL It’s time to evict them from any and all European lands…

  14. Golden Dawn are leading by example. It is time to oppose the Genocidal mass invasion of Europe by any means necessary.

  15. May I ask… doesn’t it seems fair that the EMPLOYERS of that illegal Pakistani should foot the charges for the medical bills and the grief caused by their employee to the victim and her family? They are certainly responsible for the presence of that individual in Syros. Being so many Greeks out of work it should be outlawed offering work to illegal immigrants.

  16. Salconstandinidis doesn’t believe in justice for this young lady. This fool would let this young lady bleed all over the beach! Salconstandinidis is sick and twisted!

  17. You have to understand that the media is controlled by an overly vocal political action committee, espcially in Europe and North America.

  18. Greeks are very much white, dna data has already confirmed this. You’re such a revisionist dumb-ass.

  19. Greek-American gal here. Stop embarrassing the country with this fascist crap. My grandmother’s house and family goods were taken and burned by NAZIS in Greece during WWII. Did you forget Greece suffered not long ago because of NAZIS? God you supporters of XA are not only violent thugs but stupid, too. Do you think that the world will respect Greece for this kind of stuff? Yes, the economy is bad. Yes the state has failed in many ways and I believe the banks and financial systems have really caused people worldwide massive financial problems. But this is not an excuse for disgusting behavior and naive views. This guy who attacked the girl was a thug? Do we want to become thugs too? Oh, too late, looks like some of you already have. People worldwide are laughing at you…