“If Elgin was in …” Rome, London, New York, Paris, etc. …

ATHENS – After launching the international “I AM GREEK AND I WANNA GO HOME” independent movement for the repatriation of the stolen Greek sculptures and art, photographer and musician Ares Kalogeropoulos strikes again as an art editor of Alexis Mantheakis’ inspired concept “If Elgin was in …”
The series of pictures shows what would have happened if Lord Elgin had not only been to Athens but to plunder other cities of the world as well. The pictures aim at raising awareness among the public and the authorities about the catastrophe Lord Elgin wraught upon the Parthenon. The British diplomat removed 65 percent of the Parthenon marble sculptures in 1811, which are  housed at London’s British Museum.
The Greek artists are attempting to compare the Greek monument’s looting to what could have been inflicted on other major sites and statues around the world, if their most treasured possessions had been stolen. The last picture depicts the Parthenon in its current state and the caption reads “…but Elgin went to Athens”.


  1. “Were.” The correct grammar is “If Elgin *were* in…”

    Do the campaign, but get the English correct.

  2. Are you blaming him for all the pollution damage as well as the destruction caused by the ottoman shelling and it’s conversion into a church? – it’s a very old building, the locals have never really treated it with any respect – chances are, if you get the Elgin marbles back they’ll be left to rot like the rest of the building.

  3. ”If smb was” is also correct in spoken english and it’s used,not only by the Americans,who are not so clinged to the grammar rules,but also by the British.As for our marbles and statues and the fact that they will probably rot in some dirty old warehouse,then they better rot at home than get bleached to destruction,by some ignorant morons who have no idea how to maintain a piece of art of such importance.We will never forget neither the parties that were held in the room where the marbles are being exhibited nor the bleach that was used to make them look whiter.And if by the term “old building” our friend below,refers to the Parthenon then he/she should know that it’s been treated with respect for a very very long time now and lots of money has gone to its restoration.Moreover,the most important pieces have been held and exhibited in the Acropolis museum and,by that, I do not mean just the new one,which only opened a few years ago.So people no more excuses and faulty allegations.The ONLY reason that makes it hard for the marbles to come back home,is that if that happens then others will follow….others will ask for their stolen artifacts to be returned back to where they belong and then there will be no British museum,no Louvre,no nothing…………

  4. The English is correct..Hypothetical sentence “If I were..” refers to the present…So If I were rich implies what I would do in the present and not in the past like this movement….So get your facts straight before you act stupid…

  5. Who the hell are you to decide what I do with MY things? Are you a protector as well, like the U.S.? Or maybe you are British, sworn to educate and free the peoples of the world, like you were trying to do, I don’t know, with the Arabs? We are talking about pure theft of a very important cultural item, from the country that stopped the Persians while you were skulking in the dirt. If you don’t agree, fine. Your children will pay for your misplaced sense of what culture means. But at least have the decency to keep your mouth shut when, historically, you have no grasp of what having a civilization as a country means.

  6.  i have an objection about the louvre museum because the shadow implies that the statue was aphrodity of milos which also belongs to greece!

  7. I think he was in New York  WHERES the trade towers?!?! I think from now on we should refer to anything lost or stolen as ‘Elgined’

  8. All our children and grandchildren will pay dearly for the degenerate mismanagement of the Greek economy in recent years, but that’s hardly relevant.

    Half of the temple marbles are in Athens, why haven’t they been repatriated to the temple yet? They are in such a poor state of repair, will having more of them make the collection any better?

    The greeks who built the temple (not the Hollywood Greeks you’re talking about) were a diverse group born of a pan-Mediterranean trading network, housing the marbles in Athens only shows them in the physical context of the site, but in the British museum you get to see them in a temporal context and can compare them to what was being produced around the World at the be time and better understand why they became who they were.

    It’s only through broad cross-cultural analysis that the inherent values of the civilisation come to the fore and you can begin to understand the cultural mores of other groups, for example, consider the positioning of the centaur and the Lapith then look at the Finish coat of arms, you’ll see the same concept, but rendered from a completely different perspective – you can use understanding of one culture to unlock another.

    The ultimate value of World museums is that they are immune from nationalistic whims and have the resources to protect, promote and investigate cultural artefacts, you only have to look at the widespread looting during the Arab Spring to see that for a lot of people these artefacts are of little worth beyond their tourist value or market price.

    The marbles are a part of the story of the modern world, not just some dusty ruin in Greece, had you a better understanding of your culture you’d realise and respect that.

  9. They aren’t yours Elgin purchased them, from the Ottoman empire, your state is a product of 19th century nationalism, the “Μεγάλη Ιδέα” was never realised and you are trading on the faded glories of a dead race.

  10. International crisis is a step away from the perfectly built british economy, and if you can visualise the percentage of the greek economy to the world you’ll understand that reality is quite the opposite to your assumtions. 
    As far as the marbles go, since the british museum is a world museum I suggest it should use the same “ethical” methods to get the valuable pieces of history from the cities shown above in order to add them to its collection so as you said the visitors can have a broad cross cultural picture of contemporary art!!!! 

  11. Ok as far as the correct English is concerned, neither one is right – it should be If Elgin “had been” if we want to get it right. However, when you do an advertising campaign, there is a poetic license rule to change the way it reads…which is really not the issue here. For those who feel that the marbles were bought fair and square from the ottoman empire then I guess anything taken in wartime is fair game and should never be returned. Of course I’m assuming that the people that feel that way have never felt patriotism towards their country….