Greek Pharmacists Will Stop Accepting State Insurance

Greek pharmacists, protesting long-overdue unpaid subsidies from the government, on Sept. 1 will again stop accepting prescriptions from Greeks covered by the National Health Service Organization (EOPYY) and accept cash only, especially burdening pensioners whose benefits have been cut in a desperate bid to cut expenses.

The decision not to accept the insurance until the government catches up on old bills – a frequent problem that has seen drugstore owners frequently demand cash – came from the Board of the National Pharmaceutical Association (PFS,) which will hold a general meeting on Aug. 25 to discuss the problem.

EOPYY owed pharmacists 207 million euros ($253.8 million) for prescriptions unpaid through May, but recently made payments of $110.3 million. Prescription subsides have been unpaid for the last two months, however and the pharmacists have set a deadline for Aug. 16 for the government to catch up, when pharmacists in Magnesia, Crete and Evia said they will stop accepting EOPYY.




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