Golden Dawn Office Firebombed in Athens After Iraqi’s Murder

    Greek authorities say arsonists firebombed an office of the far-right political party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) in the area of Pagkrati, Athens, a day after the brutal murder of a 19-year-old Iraqi immigrant on Aug. 13. Witnesses said he was attacked by five men on motorcycles and stabbed a number of times.

    There were no fatalities according to fire department officials. Police have not succeeded in finding either the suspected arsonist or the Iraqi’s attackers. The attacks coincide with an ongoing sweep of immigrants under the code name Xenios Zeus as authorities try to find illegal immigrants. Some 8,000 were detained.

    Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias decried the murder of the Iraqi immigrant and said it is up to the authorities, not vigilantes, to find those living in Greece unlawfully.



    1. Far right nationalist like you don’t belong in Greece you are not Greek we don’t need you here we don’t want you.

    2. I would like to say the truth is Muslims are coming to Greece not because they want to be Greek they are Muslims first and foremost they want to bring the sword of Islam to Greece it will be an easy victory this will happen peacefully or threw violence beheading suicide bombers As a Greek I Have no problem Muslims In Athens there are 1’500 Greek converts to Islam and there number is growing.

    3.  Salconstandidis, much as I share your anti-Golden Dawn sentiment, I cannot agree with your methodology to get your point across.

      Resorting to violent rhetoric and using veiled threats against them is playing into their hands, and you are then as guilty as they are of spreading a hate message.

      This is not the way for enlightened change for a better country for everyone.

      I side with you to a degree, but count me out on the hatred and violence to enable such change for a better Greece.

      Beating up those who do not share your ideology, raping, murdering, firebombing …. It is not the way.

    4. You state the Iraqi immigrant’s murder was by illegal Pakistani’s? Would you like to provide us and the media with your evidence?

      Now  while there may be no direct evidence for Golden Dawn being behind the killing, at least there is a motive (fear and intimidation; hatred and prejudice etc.)

      It is not too difficult to suppose that were a significant number of people asked who they believed were behind the killing, I would put money on the majority saying GD rather than Pakistanis.  Why is that?

      In short, you have no evidence for such assertions. However, there have been plenty of articles here at Greek Reporter and in the media generally that have connected GD with violence and attacks on immigrants. I say ‘connected’ as admittedly there have been no court cases to directly point the finger. The insinuations are there nevertheless.

      But to cite a recent example, I recall a certain spokesperson who evaded arrest after a display of violent behaviour on the TV to get his point across…..

    5. Gilga_los, explain the “point” of

      “Golden Dawn are getting haunted” if you can…

      Sadly, this is creature “salconstandinidis” is your ally. You are encouraging him/it. Good luck to you and your notions of “civilisaton”

      Enlighten us Gilga_los, what was illogical and limited about my corrections? TOUGH ONE.

      Birds of a feather stick together, you do not fool me Gilga_los, just another apologist for the savage destruction of greece and it’s people.

    6. Sasconstandinidis, NO AMOUNT OF APOLOGY can make up for your inhumanity & depravity. What are part of Gilga_los’s comment are you apologising for the “raping” “murdering” firebombing” “beating up”???? YOU BELONG IN JAIL

    7. There you go again Gilga_los, slandering Golden Dawn: they don’t use violence/ intimidation, they achieved their place in the greek parliament against a barrage of media mud thrown at them by TALKING to greeks on the street & HANDING OUT THEIR NEWSPAPERS.

       Let go of your prejudice & listen to their questions in parliament. you will understand what they are trying to achieve/their ethos. (“actions and public statements have clearly shown” tells me that you have not listened to GD politicians directly but through a media filter)

      The members/ supporters of GD speak with respect and reverence for Greece, greek people,greek language, history &culture, they exemplify the notion of “becoming the change they want to see in the world”, to the neutral listener they inspire respect & hope.
      fighting VS opposing, Gandhi’s enemy was able to be opposed, it had one form, one face (so to speak) The enemies of Greece, within & foreign are attacking in every way &every means possible

      Why is British Colonialism worthy of opposition but European/Turkish Colonialism unworthy?Illegal immigrants are a form of colonisation, via policies of EU&Turkey & the pro EU/Turk Greek parties

      GD are clearly demanding that Greek law and the Greek constitution is adhered to and enforced: what are they culpable of??

    8. Tsipras is with Israel now, wake up. Tsipras used a large USA marketing firm to promote his party at the last election. USA + Israel, YES very supportive of the Palestinian cause…

    9. I meant that correcting a respondent’s grammar or use of English has no place in this discussion. It gives the impression that you are using someone’s language abilities to diminish their point, and is thus weak and ineffective argumentation. And this, of course, does your words and argument a great disservice because generally I believe (IMHO) you generally argue forcefully, even if you fail at times to provide the evidence to your assertions or respond fully to what is being said.

      After all, what is important is not how one expresses oneself through the words they choose to use but on the meaning of the expression, wouldn’t you agree? Insulting others is not the way to get one’s point across. (I am guilty here too with my reference to ‘Neanderthal’.)

      Concerning Salconstandinis’ words, I interpret them as meaning GD is going to be plagued by and will suffer from the consequences of their actions and aggressive stand against immigrants. His point may not be clearly stated, but it is at least related to what I have been saying all along – that hatred begets hatred, the effects of which does no one any good.

      For the record, although I side more with his ideology than yours, Salconstandinis is not my ally as he as been expressing sentiments I do not agree with (and which I criticised him for as I have likewise have with you).

      In short, what I found illogical and limited in your comment was that your correction was not logically part of your general argument shown throughout your comments, and limited in the sense that you were trying to discredit someone’s views because of the language they were using. 

      This is a shame because if we only kept to the topic and supported our assertions we may actually learn from each other and, more importantly, understand where we are coming from in our thoughts and opinions. This may even eventually lead to a little *tolerance* from all sides, my own included.  (Not a bad aspiration I think.) Perhaps if we all showed a little more of that we would not even be having this dialogue.

      Finally, and to put an end to an already overly long and tedious reply to your comment, your comment that I am an “apologist for the savage destruction of greece and it’s people,” is unfair and unfounded and does not become you. If there is one common point of agreement between us that perhaps we may build on, it is that we are all saddened (and yes angry) about what has happened to our country. We may have very different ideologies about the causes of this and its possible solutions, but hatred by either side of the political spectrum is not one of them.

    10. What amazes me is that the economy of Greece was in the hands of a bunch of old WHITE men for decades; and somehow, it is the poor immigrant working for slave wages ( that he sends back home to his family)  that has bankrupted Greece. 

      Really guys, this is your understanding of how Greek’s economy was destroyed.  It wasn’t the decades of corruption and financial mismanagement by the OLD WHITE MEN that caused it???

      Honestly, Golden Dawn is a NAZI Party which probably doesn’t even realize that their name is taken from the Occult THULE Organization.

      This argument that immigrants has destroyed Greece is just a distraction for hatred and an excuse to spread fear to gain power. 

      Members of Golden Dawn need to realize that even members of the German Nazi Party weren’t safe from their own totalitarianism.

    11. Shut up, Nazi!
      Our neighbor in Epidavros survived Kalavrita and assholes like you say that the massacre never happened? Every Iraqi immigrant is worth 100 times more than you! Go visit Auschwitz if you want to see the future of Greece if ever Chryso avgo should rise to power…