Tunisian Immigrant Stabbed to Death in Thessaloniki

    Another immigrant has been stabbed to death in Greece, the second in a week. The victim, a 25-year-old Tunisian, was found outside the entrance to a building in Thessaloniki a little after midnight on Aug. 14, stabbed in the neck. A 19-year-old Iraqi was stabbed to death in Athens, one of a growing spate of attacks against immigrants as the government conducts a sweep to round up foreigners living unlawfully in Greece.

    The Tunisian victim was found by a passing delivery boy. Police said they were looking for two other Tunisians believed to have had a quarrel with the victim and rejected that it was a racist attack. It came at time of growing tension and violence against immigrants in Greece, stoked by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which won 18 seats in Parliament on a platform to rid Greece of all immigrants.




    1. This is all signs of a failed State Iam ashamed to be Greek all Greeks should be ashamed were is the law.

    2. You should be ashamed, because you are a loser.

      The LAW says that all ILLEGAL immigrants DO NOT have a right to be in Greece.

      Your racism & hate against Greeks and Greece is pathetic.

      The only jobs for illegal immigrants in Greece are provided by CRIMINALS: these illegal criminals have been killing each other in Greece for years.

      You show all the signs of a failed human being.

    3. Areti Kotseli: another second rate article.

      Firstly you should show some respect, compassion and understanding to REFUGEES who are FORCED to leave their home & LEGAL MIGRANTS who respect the law and do it the right way. 

      Anarchists & greek leftists pour their hate & contempt on the two above groups, but bend over backwards for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who deal with criminals to get into the country & WORK WITH CRIMINALS whilst they are in the country illegally.

      You promote anarchy & hate against Greece by failing to correctly identify this person as an ILLEGAL immigrant.

      You are shallow and irresponsible in mentioning Golden Dawn in this context: The crime had NOTHING TO DO with Golden Dawn or the police crackdown. A cheap shot that reflects badly on you as a person and a writer. I hope you will respect the readers of GreekReporter and try a little harder in future articles.

    4. Iam going for my PHD Iam a failed human being haaaaaaaaaaaaaassssa I think my English confused you I speak 5 languages dum asssssssssss

    5. Dear Areti,

      Amazing how you present the person stabbed as “immigrant” and not an “illegal migrant”.Let me educate you….because you seem to not know the difference. Definition of IMMIGRANT:: one that immigrates: asa : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residenceMIGRANT:: one that migrates: asa : a person who moves regularly in order to find work especially in harvesting crops http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/immigrant 

      I do NOT advocate violence against anyone. What I do advocate is article writers with better command of the English language. 



    6. I just want to say that you are the idiot and not John as he  present the proper definition of the word immigrant…

    7. Ok, you just proved you are a complete retard. Case closed.

      Seriously you must look the definition of hatred and loser first before you spew this autistic rage boner. You don’t even know what you are talking about. It just a bunch of autistic rubbish you vomit from your dumb mouth to sound smart, but in the end of the day you will always remain the most complete retard.

      Illegal immigrants of course they have no right to be in Greece, but the violence against them is not justified other since it goes against the human rights. A brainless animal of your own caliber would even know about human rights? Just go back to your autism cave mongrel, so you can speak your language worth of your inane type called Autista.

      You self-admitted and self-confirmed yourself a pure autistic retard. Now have fun slitting your wrists and reading your brother’s nonsencical insults which belong to 14 year olds.

      So, your pseudo-intellectual lifeless douche self is like that: Anarcistic…greek mastah race…blah blah blah….anarcisofascist….idiosyncrasic….ebonistic….malakistic….andblah blah greeh mastah rice!!

      That’s how your saddening little self sounds^ Like a 5 year old.


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