Corfu’s Pink Palace Named in Top 10 Craziest Party Hostels

    CNN has named Pink Palace in Corfu as one of the top 10 craziest party hostels in the world. With a 24-hour bar, Jacuzzi, and a nightclub on the premises that throws pink toga parties, the hostel has become a destination for tourists to visit and have a good time.

    According to the article, Freddie Mercury of the rock band Queen is responsible for naming the go-to party place as the Pink Palace. The hostel stands out among the crowd because it is (of course) painted pink. It also offers a booze cruise, meet-up events, ouzo cup volleyball, in addition to a bus directly to/from Athens.

    Located in Agios Gordios, Pink Palace offers rooms from 18 Euro, depending on the season, and promises to “suit every travel budget.”


    1. Pink Palace is pretty much everything that is promotes the WRONG kind of tourism. Obnoxious drunken Brits, Americans, Canadians and Aussies who dont spend any money outside the hotel. That place is a brown hole, not a pink palace.