This is Miss Greek Crisis 2012! But She’s Not Thrilled With It

    The Greek economic catastrophe has made life ugly for a lot of people, but one beautiful figure has emerged: Anastasia Katmertzi, 19, who captured the title of Miss Crisis 2012 in a pageant held in Artemida area, eastern Attica. Many people, looking for something else to talk about besides financial problems, gathered to enjoy the glamorous event and admire the beautiful girls who were aspiring to win the title with the dubious name.

    Officials of the beauty contest thought they should name one of the girls Miss Crisis 2012, given what is going on in the country, and Katmertzi got the attention of the press. She said she does not intend to work as a model although photographers loved her! While she is studying gymnastics, she said she’d like to work as a singer soon.

    She told the reporter that she is happy the judges gave her a title but she wasn’t crazy that it was attached to the crisis. “I wish I was named Miss Spring or anything similar instead, and that Greece exits the financial crisis soon,” she said.


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