Fire Destroys 40% of Mastic Trees on Chios

    A major blaze has been raging during the past three days on the island of Chios, scorching thousands of hectares of forest area and causing extensive damage.

    The residents of Chios made an appeal to the Greek government to send more firefighters and water-dropping helicopters as strong winds made the situation worse. Weather conditions forced officials to send helicopters instead of Canadair aircraft to drop water, which are usually used in such cases. Huge plumes of thick black smoke rose into the air and over neighboring cities in Turkey.

    Despite the Greek fire brigade’s efforts, the conflagration destroyed many hectares of mastic trees, a unique cultivation sector that brings much profit to the islanders. According to unofficial estimates, the fire might have burnt about 40% of the mastic trees.

    Approximately 120 firemen, 50 trucks, 50 volunteer firefighters, and 79 soldiers were deployed. reported that a fireman was injured fighting the blaze, and was transported to the hospital by car since there were no doctors or ambulances available.


    1. Greece is been burned down by its own Patriotic Politicians… Where is “Law & Order” in the country ??? Who is benefiting from destroying this beautiful land ??? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy ???

    2. Greedy man burning trees to build hotels or houses, Greece has to buy more fire fighting planes,