Greece Says It Will “Crush” Golden Dawn Raid Brigades

    Golden Dawn clashes with police over use of a Corinth military base as a detention center for immigrants

    Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias, exasperated at violent attacks against police by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, and growing assaults against immigrants, said he’s going to crack down on the group. Golden Dawn supporters, clad in the party’s black shirt with the Swastika-like ancient Greek meander symbol, battled with police outside a military camp in Corinth where immigrants were being taken to be detained.

    “Raid brigades across the country, who trade upon national symbols, will not be tolerated. Any such phenomenon will be crushed,” Dendias said. Greek authorities have been conducting a sweep called Xenios Zeus and rounded up 11,000 immigrants, looking for those in the country unlawfully. Golden Dawn and municipal authorities where detention centers are being established are objecting to the presence of the immigrants.

    Some 3,000 people gathered on the night of Aug. 24 in Syntagma Square for an anti-racism rally that officials fear might be disrupted by Golden Dawn, whose supporters have been accused of gathering in packs to attack lone immigrants. There were no incidents at the rally.

    Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris, already charged with assaulting two other Leftist lawmakers while they were appearing live on a television program, blasted the government for allowing the rally to take place, saying that “the Constitution protects gatherings of Greeks and not of foreigners.”

    The newspaper Kathimerini said that  tensions continued in Corinth over the use of the military base as a detention center for some 400 migrants arrested during a police sweep in central Athens after failing to produce proper documentation. The migrants will be held at the base as they await deportation, but the move has prompted reactions from local authorities and residents.

    The Corinth Municipality cut off the water supply to the camp and the deputy mayor questioned the legality of the transfer. “If the transfer was legal, then why wasn’t it done during the day instead of at night?” Haralambos Kambouris said to Kathimerini. “We do not want (the camp) to become a migrant detention center because there are schools and sports facilities nearby. The camp is near the city center. The law for detention centers says that they need to be located far away from inhabited areas.”











    1. This goes deeper that GR has reported. Who do you think lets all these bastards into Greece? Turkey. Who sets the fires in Greece and uses summer to cover them up? Turkey. Who’s created alliances with Albania and Skopia, countries hostile to Greece? Turkey. Who violates Greek air space and water territory? Turkey. So why is it that GREECE is always under the spotlight for its treatment of this person and that person, or its decision to block the border. We have one of the most hostile neighbours in Europe and certain Greeks, many of them on GR who condemn XA, only report the wrongdoings of men and women who want Greece to be Greek and defend our sovereignty. It’s absolute BS. Open your eyes you ignorant Greeks and start putting into your head that Turkey is NOT our friend, they do NOT want peace, because as we speak, they’re thinking of another way to destroy Hellas. If you’re a sceptic, read the Greek News. Not BS that’s in the diaspora. READ ACTUAL GREEK NEWS. LEARN ABOUT WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON. And never forget what men like Kolokotronis stood for. His descendents are XRYSH AYGH.

    2. According to leaked Wikileak documents, the American embassy in Ankara insists that Turkey planned to cause a convulsion at the Greek abuttals in order to invade the north side of Evros.
      After its publication, the U.S. confirmed an attack was about to be conducted against Greece in 2003. In addition they imply that the Turkish Army WILL CONTINUE to cause such convulsions in their relationship with Greece.

      Indeed it is therefore proven that Turkey actually planned to invade Greece (after manufacturing a fake border incident).

      Today the Turkish army daily takes hundreds of 3rd-World immigrants to the Greek border and helps them enter Greece. (they do this to further destabilise an economically weakened Greece).
      Just last week when Greek police tried to dissuade 3rd-World immgrants from crossing into Greece, the Turkish army aimed it’s weapons at Greek police and forced them to allow the 3rd-World immigrants to cross into Greece!

    3. Many Whites are celebrating diversity as they become a minority in their own societies.

      This is a sickness.

      Many Whites have lost their racial consciousness.

      Our White ancestors fought and worked hard to give Greece and Europe to Whites, NOT to non-Whites.

      Respect our ancestors. Respect our heriage. RESPECT GREECE!

    4.  Africa for the Africans

      Asia for the Asians

      White countries for everyone?

      Because diversity really just means fewer White people.

      Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.

    5. The Meander Symbol has no relation to the swastika. The meander is an Ancient Greek Emblem, please do some research. As for the Golden Dawn Party and what it represents is a different matter.

    6. The shield of Philip II of Macedon, conserved in the museum of Vergina, is decorated with multiple symbols of the meander.



    7. SIMPLE = If u don’t like Greece then leave… No one is holding u back. Go back to ur homelands and leave us alone.


    8. Umm maybe if the entire continent of Europe wasn’t pushing mass immigration for only western countries then the golden dawn wouldn’t have support.
      you see for radical problems people look towards radical solutions. Noone will answer the cries of all the greek citizens murdered, raped, and violently defiled by the legal and illegal immigrants. You see if the socialists would only listen to the ethnic greeks then maybe they wouldn’t have to be so radical but, socialists never listen to the people they just expect them to obey.
      The cries of Weimar germany were only answered by ONE RADICAL PARTY. This is what happens when the government does not listen to it’s people. Radicals arise with radical solutions and the public instantly falls in love with them because there have been millions of straws added after the camel broke it’s back.
      Why is mass immigration and assimilation good? if westerners do it it is IMPERIALISM, COLONIALISM, and the dreaded RACISM. When non western people do it it is Multiculturalism, diversity, and Progress.
      you know what i think it is? I think all of this race propaganda is directly related to the doctrine of equality. Liberals and Socialists use racial inequality as a major platform for election and policy. They pander to the choir for support. Well i think they plan on eliminating the physical embodiment of “oppression” and race itself. By assimilation they will successfully create a “blended” humanity. One equal marxist race. As much as the left wing like to claim race doesn’t matter. To them it does, because what is the point of diversity if we are all the same? They tout the doctrine of equality. So therefore according to the leftist ideology all people are the same despite racial difference. So what would be the point of including members of different racial groups into the society if we are the same?
      I think diversity itself is a racist practice. Diversity states that “a society that is comprised of a racially heterogenous population is superior to a society that is racially homogenous”
      The left has been cramming this doctrine down my throat ever since i arrived in middle school and I believe it is a crock of .
      Let the hate flow through you nikos show how much you really hate your own people awaken more and more and more.

    9. “Swastika-like ancient Greek meander symbol” What a stupid idiot this reporter is. And since I’m on the subject of stupid idiots, let’s send the traitor Nikos Dendias away with the illegals.

    10. We should NEVER appease far-right thugs; they will just become more emboldened and aggressive. Golden Dawn are basically schoolyard bullies. The only way to defeat bullies is for ordinary people on the street to stand up to them. Don’t wait for the police; if Golden Dawn thugs start picking on people, jump in and help the victims yourself! We will see how tough they are when they have to fight ALL OF US….

    11. The political leaders of Greece and Turkey are Jewish. That’s why Turkey does what it does and Greece offers no political resistance. This is subversion from within to prevent another Hitler rising up and kicking out the Jew banker.

      Who is bring immigrants into Italy, France, UK, Sweden, USA??? The Turkish. 

      Part 1 Adolf Hitler – The greatest story NEVER told!

      TheAntiTerrorist, Right on the ‘Money’ – Part 1 of 2

      Read the Talmud and
      The Protocols of the Elders of Zion


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