Exciting Events at the Aeschylia Festival

The Aeschylia Festival, the longest-lived arts event in Attica Region, has opened its doors in the city of Elefsina, western Attica. The events run in two cycles: the first, dedicated to theaer production, was completed  on Aug. 3, and the main series of events, ranging from music performances to outdoor exhibitions, kicks off August 28 and runs through Oct. 10. The festival’s main venue is the restored Elaiourgio, a former soap factory.

Elaiourgio is situated adjacent to Elefsis’s main archaeological site, where one of the most important initiation ceremonies of antiquity, the Elefsinian Mysteries, took place. The organization of Aeschylia Festival is a collective endeavor, of various local artists and other professionals who contribute to its planning.

This year’s edition features a plethora of events, including Shakespeare’s Pericles, staged by the National Theatre, and an exhibition by Stefanos Tsivopoulos, under the title The Future Starts Here.

The program is available at: aisxylia.gr