Russian Tourist Entrepreneurs Landing in Crete

The coming week is expected to feature the landings of several Russian entrepreneurs from the fields of tourism and real estate in Crete amidst the ongoing Greek debt crisis. Recognizing the chances of investing in Greek tourism, the Russians are coming to the country within the workings of an event organized by the Greek-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

The event will present individual businessmen as well as major figures of the Russian economy, such as the tour operators TEZ Tour, Coral Travel, TUI Russia, Labirint, Pantheon, Yuzhnyj Krest, Solveks Tourne, Versa, the Russian Union of Tourist Industry and other organizations and associations.

The increased interest of the Russians in purchasing houses on Greek ground has been reported by most real estate agencies across Greece during the summer. Regions like Halkidiki and Crete have witnessed a particular increase in Russian arrivals this year.

According to data from the Bank of Greece, Russian tourists spend approximately 100 Euros a day, 1000 Euros a week for their summer vacations. It is estimated that 1 million Russians will have visited Greece in 2012.

During the Greek-Russian Forum the Russian businessmen will meet with representatives from the local bodies and the Ministry of Tourism and Development, the Prefecture of Crete, the Association of Greek Tourist Businesses and the Union of Hotel owners of Crete.


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