Blackout in Greek Health System Once Again

Greek pharmacists have stopped giving credit to drugs provided to people insured by EOPYY, Greece’s National Organization for Health Care Provision, which owes the drug store owners scores of millions of dollars. Customers have to pay in cash, including those needing life-saving cancer and kidney transplant drugs that cost $880 a month and more.

Doctors have also stopped accepting state health insurance and are requiring patients to pay up front, complaining they have not been paid for performing medical procedures since the beginning of 2012, nor for medical visits since March.

As a consequence, crisis-hit Greeks will have to pay the total amount of their medicines and visits to doctors. “EOPYY owes us 570 millions since years previous to 2011, and 230 millions for the year 2012, amounting to 800 millions of euros. It is as if we have funded a big part of Greece’s health sector without ever being paid off,” the President of Union of Doctors, George Eleftheriou, said in a radio interview.

Costas Lourantos, President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Athens, blasted the government’s decision “to keep paying the drug store owners who continue providing medicines to EOPYY patients” saying that “should they put it into practice, then it is nothing more than a shameful action.”

(Source: Proto Thema)


  1. All of us need to suck it up until we start producing wealth rather than just consuming it.

  2. Get the money from the “Taxevaders” whom for years have been milking the government coffers together with the corrupt politicians to pay for the unpaid….

  3. It wasn’t just the tax evaders milking government coffers… it was also those that saw government as a lazy method to suck back the wealth of the producers of our society rather than focus on production themselves. Some foolishly believe they are entitled the a high standard of living while meanwhile while producing virtually nothing but trickets for tourists or their own self-righteous hot air.

    Greece needs to transform itself into an economy focused on productivity and producing technology not a country where we rant for someone else to provide for us while producing nothing ourselves.

  4. Anonymous, if there is no corruption and the system works well, Greece would not be in this state of affairs. Corruption got us to this and the cause of this crisis is borrowing to pay for civil servants massive wages and their despicable benefits and the private sector is the victim in this situation.