Golden Dawn Rises Again, Overtakes PASOK

Capitalizing on growing social unrest over record unemployment, resentment against immigrants and rising crime, and planned new government austerity measures, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has jumped into third place in popularity among Greek political parties, overtaking the once-dominant PASOK Socialists.

According to a Pulse survey, Golden Dawn, which won 18 seats in Parliament in the June 17 elections with 6.97 percent of the vote, now has 10.5 percent while PASOK, under new leader Evangelos Venizelos who has given his support to the ruling government of New Democracy Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, has fallen to only 8 percent.

The Democratic Left is also a member of the uneasy coalition government but, in a sign it is also feeling the wrath of disenchanted voters furious that the leftist members of the government have reneged on campaign pledges to resist more austerity measures, has fallen two points to only 4.5 percent.

New Democracy retains first place with 25 percent, falling from 29.7 percent after it won in June, but only one point ahead of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) which is at 24 percent and finished a close second in the elections. SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras has been hounding Samaras for going back on his word to try to renegotiate terms of a second pending bailout from international lenders who have demanded $14.6 billion in new cuts and more reforms.

The biggest beneficiary of growing disillusionment in Greece, however, has been Golden Dawn, which got only 0.29 percent of the vote in the 2009 elections, won by PASOK with 44 percent, showing how far the Socialists have fallen. Venizelos and Democratic Left leader Fotis Kouvelis are now reportedly trying to distance themselves from the coming cuts they had supported.

Golden Dawn’s platform, critics said, is based on hate, fear and xenophobia and the party is openly anti-immigrant and has been linked to beatings and attacks on immigrants, which it denies. Samaras, trying to gain the right as well, has initiated a roundup of illegal immigrants in a bid to ease public perception that the foreigners are to blame for rising crime as Greeks suffer waves of pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions, with more coming.

(Sources: Kathimerini, AP, Reuters)



  1. I never said that Greece, or Libya, belong to everybody.

    The oil of Libya belongs to the people who live in Libya, including the former Greeks who have migrated to Libya. That is completely different from saying that the oil of Libya belongs to the Greeks who STAYED in Greece.

    The same applies to the resources of Greece: they belong to the people who live in Greece, including the former Libyans who have migrated to Greece. That is completely different from saying that the resources of Greece belong to the Libyans who STAYED in Libya.

    I can scarcely believe that I need to spell it out like this.

    If a Libyan migrates to Norway with the intent to stay there, he should give up Libyan citizenship and receive Norwegian citizenship. Thereafter he is Norwegian. (The same also applies in reverse, by the way.)

    I believe people should be free to follow whatever religious code of behaviour they choose, including Sharia, so long as this does not involve them breaking national laws. Sharia is not an alternative to national laws, it is something that people follow IN ADDITION to national laws.

    The best way to stop “ethnic strife” is to fight those who encourage it. Plenty of people get along fine regardless of ethnicity, it’s only the racists on each side (such as yourself, or Golden Dawn) who won’t be satisfied until you ruin it for everyone else.

    As I said, if there are criminals among immigrants, arrest them just like any other criminals. But as soon as you start blaming the innocent just because they have the same ethnicity as the criminal, YOU are part of the problem.

  2. Support to brave Golden Dawn militant in their struggle against the zionist, Nato, Usa and bankers.
    Europe must be the place for europeans like africa for africans and asia for asian!
    Go away all the zionists, the multiculturalists, the liberals, the non-white immigrants!

  3. It’s about time Golden Dawn rises in popularity.  They are the only party who truly cares about the Greek people and the country.  They are true patriots.  I say it’s also time the crooks in New Democracy and PASOK get tried and arrested for treason for the 30 years of theft of billions of dollars, or should I say, Euros, that caused this catastrophe to begin with.

    I don’t see Golden Dawn as racist.  I see them as patriots who don’t want their country and culture destroyed by the thieving politicians of ND and PASOK, or the waves of illegals who go to Greece to kill and steal.


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