Greek Woman Stopped Holding Greek Flag at Acropolis

It was supposed to be an ordinary visit for a young couple from Kavala, Greece, eager to visit the Acropolis and make some photographic memories. But then, as Mirto Tsakiri pulled a Greek flag from her bag and asked her partner to take a picture, they said they were besieged by guards.

They said they were told that displaying the Greek flag on the Acropolis – apart from one which flies on a flagpole – is forbidden, although the guards could not explain why nor cite any law, although the flag is often used at rallies protesting government austerity measures.

They said they were then told the Acropolis is a monument that belongs to European heritage but were then tossed out of the site without any further explanation.

In May of 1941, Manolis Glezos, now a Member of Parliament and his friend, Apostolos Santas, climbed up under the Acropolis in the dark of night, evaded Nazi guards, shimmied the flagpole, tore down the Swastika, and raised the Greek flag, an act that is apparently now forbidden to tourists. Santas died last year.



  1. “the Acropolis is a monument that belongs to European heritage” – Sound like the sort of politically correct gibberish far leftists say.

    Not only which ever guard said that should be fired from his job but a large number of Greeks should arrange to go the Acropolis with flags in hand one day.

  2. This story is just advertises what is wrong and why so many stupid policies exists for absolutely NO good reason at all. You cant have a Greek flag on the Acropolis?? What next, not allowed to fly a Greek flag over your balcony because the one flying over Parliament is enough? This is insane and the fact NO ONE stood up for these people who were clearly not trying to politicize anything and simply proud citizens showing their GREEK pride at at GREEK cultural site is unforgivable.
    EVERYONE should go to the Acropolis with their GREEK FLAGS and let them be seen to everyone. This should not be ignored and brushed under the rug with the usual apathy that is destroying the present flavor of life in Greece.

  3. This is so way over the top that I’m speechless. 

    Two choices…….
    Fire the idiots who participated in this. 


    Give up on Greece and let it become another Somalia.  

    Which is it? 

  4. Perikles built this wonderful structure as a  symbol of the best in Hellenism. Who are these anti Hellenes forbidding our flag!?!!

  5. Now in Greece, it’s forbidden to wear Greek Flag at Greek monuments to make a photo ?
    Fire the politicians who made such a stupid decision.

  6. We were at the Temple of Zeus in Athens today and a guard stopped us from taking a picture of our son’s stuffed monkey in front of the monument. She said that people in the picture were fine, but we could not photograph the stuffed animal with the monument. I asked why, and simply said it was not allowed. Does anyone out there have an answer as to why?