Golden Dawn Assails Electronic ID’s for Greeks

The government’s plan to introduce electronic IDs are “Orwellian,” Golden Dawn MP Christos Pappas claims (Photo/Eurokinissi)

Greek Interior Minister Nikos Dendias, who has vowed to “crush” lawbreakers in the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, has tangled with them again, this time over government plans to issue electronic identification cards.

Christos Pappas, one of the 18 Members of the Parliament in seats won by the party in the June 17 elections, told Dendias during a sharp exchange in the body that Golden Dawn doesn’t want the ID’s and said it was fighting for a “free Greece” and would not allow what he called the government’s “terrorism to pass.”

Pappas said electronic ID’s would be an “attack” on Greek people and society. “We were born free and will die free, as Orthodox Christians. We will resist your Orwellian measures,” he said.

Referring to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, Pappas continued: “Convey to your political boss, a political ‘Pinocchio’, who has fooled the Greek people with lies … that my party will fight and will not let your terrorism pass. We will attack.”

Dendias blasted what he said was the ill-advised “ethics and manner,” of Pappas and said: “I have already said it and I will say it again: We will not have storm troopers in this country. I was called to Parliament to provide answers on the legislative initiative entailed in electronic identity cards, and instead I’m listening to an attack against the prime minister.”

The electronic identity card (eID) or EIC is a government-issued document for online and offline identification. Countries including Belgium and Italy are currently issuing EICs that will replace conventional identity cards in most European countries in the future. It has the format of a regular bankcard, with printed identity information on the surface (such as personal details and a photograph) as well as an embedded microchip.

(Sources: AMNA, Athens News/dmcu)


  1. Never trust any group that uses fear to increase its support. This was Orwell’s real message. Of all the political parties in Greece, none promotes fear to increase its support as much as Golden Dawn.

  2. A couple of points:

    1: Golden Dawn is NOT a neo-nazi party, it IS a nationalist party.

    2: The introduction of I.D cards is a sign of a fascist police state that wants to control its people.

    It seems the neo-nazi here is Nikos Dendias.