Protesting Greek Buses Close Albanian Border in Kakavia

More than 60 Greek long-distance intercity buses (KTEL) gathered in Kakavia at the  Greek-Albanian border to protest the government’s decision allowing Albanian inter-city buses to enter Greece without paying any taxes as Greek bus owners do and said they would bar buses from the neighboring country from entering or leaving.

Bus owners of Epirus’ four prefectures, Preveza, Arta, Thesprotia and Ioannina,  headed close to the borders early in the morning  of Sept. 8 to show their disapproval of  the government’s policy.

The President of the Intercity Buses of Ioannina, Gregory Gikas, said that bus owners would remain at the border to block Albanian buses from entering or leaving Greece and vowed to stay until the tax policy is changed. The route to and from destinations in Albania is popular because of the large number of Albanian immigrants in Greece.



  1. I support such a measure by the Greek KTEL for the rights of the Greek buses. Albanian buses should pay taxes the same as Greek buses pay…Fair is Fair

  2. Word is that EU is forcing Greece to give up these Albanian towns Arta, Preveza, Janina back to Albania. The huge Greek debt is forcing schools and other public offices to shut down in the area. Only if Albanians paid their taxes….