Golden Dawn Attack Market Vendors

Members of Greece’s extreme-right Golden Dawn party are under investigation for posing as police.
It comes after the emergence of a video which appears to show the group’s supporters in the town of Rafina, near Athens, asking to see migrant vendors’ residence papers.
Shortly afterwards another group is seen kicking over one of the stalls and smashing up merchandise.

One of the party’s MPs, George Germenis, justified the action: “We took a walk around the bazaar and listened to the problems of small goods sellers here and we noticed some illegal immigrants trying to sell their stuff without the appropriate licenses. We told the police and then we did what Golden Dawn must do.”
The Greek public order minister, Nikos Dentias, has made clear he will not tolerate any “usurpation of authority.”
Greece’s two Golden Dawn MPs now face having their parliamentary immunity lifted.

(source: euronews)


  1. The beginning of the end of democracy in Greece ! It is not the job of any group, left or right, to police. That is the job of the proper authorities, and anybody that does so is guilty of an offense and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Which unfortunately seems to be sleeping in this instance with one eye open.

  2. Argo, the police quietly support this and there is no way any of them will try to do anything but turn the other way and do absolutely NOTHING. This “movement” will destroy foreign tourism within a year if it is not eradicated. What happens then, 50% more businesses close…GREEK owned businesses. People are so Goddamned stupid to see the stupidity in these actions and potential for disaster, instead just sit back, watch and video stuff like this.

  3. As a Greek I agree. 

    While I support our government in deporting illegals Golden Dawn aren’t “patriots”. They are extremists that randomly go around ethnically harassing non-Greeks with violence. This is morally unacceptable.

    Not only do they pose a threat to non-Greeks but frankly they even pose a threat to Greeks. Any polices these fanatics support, even in instances they are reasonable with demanding illegals be deported, will be frames as “Greek fascism” by foreign press.

    I am a patriot but my patriotism doesn’t include fascism. (or far left extremism for that matter which I view as extreme anti-nationalist and thus anti-hellenic)

  4.  I wouldn’t use the word “eradicating”.. but I would use the word DEPORTING.

    The truth is the countries these people come from also expect their soveriegn borders respected. I really don’t give a damn anymore what alleged human rights that complain about roundups .The very well Greece is under incredible illegals stresses (which isn’t the case in most countries). Some times call for special actions. 

    I learned the hard way just because some organization or person puts words “human rights” in their sentences doesn’t mean they are incapable of prejudices and hate against others. A perfect example of this is how some of those people  that claimed to greeks to support “human rights”… now dishonestly play stupid as FYROM nationalists turning into “descendents of ancient Macedonians” and constantly promote “United Macedonia” irredentist rhetoric. Rather than apologize to the Greek people for supporting FYROM propagandists, some are instead trying to cover up their shame.

    Say NO to any Macedonia in FYROM’s name. FYROM ultra nationalist showed their real cards when they starting putting giant Alexander statues in Skopje. This is an open call to ethncically erase Macedonians and substitute themselves. No Greeks patriot should stand for this.

    Until FYROM’s apologists start openly criticizing them and stop referencing them themselves Macedonians we should not trust their motives or sincerity. Colluding with those that want to ethnic cleanse Greek people isn’t “human rights”.  Its racism, We need to give the anti-hellenic bigots a taste of their own self-righteous rhetoric against greeks by publically calling them out as racists and bigots for dishonestly staying blind to FYROM.

    ‘We are not related
    to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the
    Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian.’
    – FYROM´s Ambassador to Canada Gyordan Veselinov, Ottawa Citizen Newspaper,
    February 24 1999


     “We are Slavs who came to this area in
    the sixth century … We are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians” –
    Kiro Gligorov, FYROM’s first President

  5. I don’t agree with extremists like Golden Dawn (and see them as a security threat) but I think they were a predictable reaction to leftist extremism in Greece. Too many far leftists are unprincipled anti-hellenic  collectivist cowards.   Whatever majority of their foreign “comrades” tell them to think or do.. they follow like sheep. 

    They don’t care about protecting our Greek identity and in practice despite all claims of wanting to “Share”… they only care about themselves.  The only time  they start caring about “sharing” is when foreigners make cuts which hurts their own pocket book. Pseudo-intellectual anti-Hellenic sophists.

  6. Well the truth is the days of Greece for the Greeks in over when Syriza comes to power you fascist thugs are going to be treated like dirt .

  7. Actually extremist anti-Hellenic far leftist groups like Syriza is one of the reason why there has been a counter reaction of Golden Dawn. Greeks need to stop listening to populists on both the far right and far left.

  8.  The more far leftist extremists take anti-Hellenic positions.. the more and more Greeks will vote right.  (I know… as I used to vote left)

  9. Well 30percent are syriza I honestly think it will reach 45 percent when the troika Measures are introduced and it’s not fair for you to compare Syriza to Golden Dawn 4MP From Golden Dawn have criminal cases against them they are a bunch of criminals that is a fact before the crisis Syriza was 10 percent in polls. This action right here will hurt them if they do this to immigrants they will do it to Greeks next trust me I know these thugs I knifed one myself.

  10. The highest Golden Dawn will get is maybe 20 percent not any more they will take there votes from the Independent Greeks and New Democracy and Some Pasok.

  11. Golden Dawn will never win you leave in Greece you know this I don’t have to tell you 53 percent of Greeks are leftist 30 percent are liberals/centrist only 20 are far right Nationlistic extreme maybe 7 percent.

  12. You will never reach 45 percent because 45 percent of population isn’t antihellenic. The only reason you have as much votes as you have is because the left is angry at pasok.

    All voting for extremists like Syriza will accomplish is civil war in Greece.

  13.  You are showing your true colours. You know the people voting for the right are Greeks not anti-hellenic trolls like you.

  14. Look Iam being realistic why are you being mad do you know that Communist party of Greece KKE is probably one of the most influential communist parties in the world today communism is still very much alive in Greece that is a fact don’t be mad at me I know Greeks they will rather be communist then Fascist

  15. I don’t support Golden Dawn because their view of patriotism is to hate everyone else. However,   I do support Samaras.   He may not bribe voters with empty promises of free money from someone else  (like pretentious far leftist pseudo-intellectuals parasites like to do)  but he will put the needs of our country and Hellenism above all.

    If Greeks choose their own greed and sloth over the needs of the Greek nation, they will both lose their wallets and their country.

  16. You live in fantasies. Communism is  dead ideology. No one cares about your silly little ideology except pockets of extremists.

    As for your claims… Greeks would rather not be communist or fascists. They would rather be Greeks.

  17.  Even China and Cuba isn’t really purely communism anymore. They allow foreign investors and corporations. the only real communist state is North korea… and its a hell hole that is one of the poorest nations on earth. Communist ideology, much like fascists ideology, had its day. Common sense observation shows it caused the unnecessary suffering and deaths of millions. It is an evil ideology and those that follow it are also evil.

  18. Incidentally you seem to forget when it came time for Greeks to choose between their country and communism…. we kicked communists to the door.

    In my opinion it was a mistake to let the anti-Hellenic communist extremists back into our country. Like a disease they promote their tyrannical ideology as “freedom”.  If another conflict arises I hope Greeks do not repeat the same mistakes and perminently show traitors to our country the exit door.

    The the police, the army, the church, the vast majority of Hellenic people… will rebel against you thugs once they are fully cogent monsters like you are trying to ethnically erase the Greek people.

  19. If Greece becomes communist it will be industrial I dont think Greece will isolate it self like North Korea

  20. Every communist state was a dismal economic failure. Greece would be no different.

    You are irrational. You confuse narrative with empirical realities.

  21.  You are utterly clueless as to just how immensely moronic communists actually are. You don’t even realize you do (unwittingly) support fascism.

    You irrationally try so hard to show how you are “comrades” with everyone… and how you are “aren’t racist … how you are anti-nationalist…. … that you end up supporting ultra nationalist racist fascist basket cases in FYROM.

    The short of it is…. communism is a evil cult for self-righteous idiots who let their emotions overpower the reasoning centers of their brains. The dumber and more useless the individual is the more likely they are to find it as attractive method to steal from the competent.

  22.  Talking to you is like talking to a Muslim extremists that support politicized Shiara except rather than “Allah” save us all… youe “communism” will save us all.

    Listen you delusional pretentious crackpot. People seek their own interests not your interests. Your fellow communists do not spend their days looking after you. They spend their days looking out after their own things. This is called FREEDOM. People like doing things they like to do. Not being told by others what to do.

    Idiots like you confuse you narratives of “goodness” with your actions that you are simply oppressive thieves.

    NO ONE STOPS COMMUNISTS FROM SHARING YOUR THINGS EVEN TODAY.  You could “share’ with whomever you want right this very moment.  However what communists typically  mean by “share’ is STEAL from others and FORCE others to behave and think like you do. (using the government as weapon to crush opposition)

    Communism is evil ideology.

  23. Re-read what I wrote and you will probably see very easily how you misquoted and misunderstood what was clearly posted.

    Eradicating these hooligan/thug self proclaimed “deputies” of the Golden Dawn and their illegal destroying of property, violence against others (anyone!) and their bullying tactics which could spin out of control….gaining press attention and further damage tourism. As a worker in the tourism industry, I have seen the bottom falling out and this kind of crap will be the nail in the coffin, for all of Greece.

  24.  “eradicating” was referring to the Golden Dawn thugs, not the illegals. They can be deported or managed without bullying, violence and nazi-like tactics.

  25. This is nothing compared to the harm caused by illegal immigration.

    Look at the videos below and tell me if people will continue to visit Greece if when they come they see things like theses :

    Athens Crime

    Journalist chased by racist illegal africans in Athens :
    This guy’s name is Antoine de Maximy and is a french journalist-tourist who visit countries to present
    them during his TV shows called “I will come sleep in your home”.
    His comments : “This is a rotten place, worst than I thought”, “it’s a place where you wouldn’t wish to be at night”, … .
    So far for the tourism industry …

    illegals people fighting police in the streets in broad daylight :

    You know if people don’t feel secure when they go visit a country, they won’t come to visit this country anymore and the tourism industry will crumble.

  26. For the rest, I agree with you that Golden Dawn could be dangerous but for the moment I find this party useful because it permits to put pressure on others parties to do their jobs and redisribute too their fundings to the poors. Also now, because of the brutal actions of Golden Dawn, it won’t appear extremist to deport with humanity the illegal persons to their home countries. But sure, the situation is complicated.

  27. Treated like dirt ? You mean Like this :
    The pakistani government is prepared to deport 3 millions Afghans refugees back to Afghanistan.

    LOL :
    Pakistan’s top administrator in charge of the Afghan refugee issue,
    Habibullah Khan :
    “The refugees have become a threat to law and order,
    security, demography, economy and local culture. Enough is enough, he
    said.If the international community is so concerned, they should
    open the doors of their countries to these refugees. Afghans will be
    more than happy to be absorbed by the developed countries, like western
    Europe, USA, Canada, Australia.”

    And after that people like you, you say we are all brothers and all this crap XD
    Well Pakistanis don’t seem to think like you since they elected this fashist (you’ll agree with me 😉 government who want to send refugees back into a war zone.

  28. “Where should we go to vacation this year? We could go to France and drink good wine or we could go to Greece, where roaming bands of racist thugs beat and murder foreigners in broad daylight…”

    Tough choice.

  29.  And so creating a mob militia of vigilantes to bully, intimidate and destroy property and possibly human lives acceptable and the high road? No. The simple fact is the police are quietly in support of  these actions by the Nazi thugs and until they are trained and ordered to combat these low life hooligans, this will only get worse.

    Tourists will go eklsewhere in 2013, just you wait and see. Say goodbye to more Greek owned hotels, tavernas, shops, markets and the jobs that go with them.

    Simply put, there is a correct way and many incorrect ways to tackle a problem of illegal immigrants, but what these morons in the XA party are demonstrating just shows the world how far the Greek people and society are from ever being considered worthy of anything positive.

  30.  With a negative attitude like that towards Greeks (trying to portray a minority as the majority) by all means don’t visit Greece.

  31.  I was referencing “Cypriot” phrasing not yours.  (trying to offer constructive criticism in wording)

    I agree with you that something needs to be done with Golden Dawn gangs. I 100% support Greek government in rounding up illegals (because it is done through the police with some sort of standards of conduct despite the whining of a few NGO’s that have forgotten they are not elected representatives or incapable of bad judgment themselves) However. golden dawn goes way way to far with their racist Nazi-like symbolism and rhetoric. They can’t be allowed to go around lawlessly randomly assaulting immigrants (whether legal or not).

  32. Generalizations like “XA party are demonstrating just shows the world how far the Greek people
    and society are from ever being considered worthy of anything positive.”

    … shows YOU are the RACIST.

    At last check the vast majority of Greeks do not support GD. Stop trying to lump us into one giant greek negative stereotype bigot.

  33. You ultra nationalist manipulator who is racist yourself. At last check your own country also has sovereign borders it expects respected just like Greece hypocrite. Bigots like you should not ethnically harass Greeks or advocate illegal immigration to other nations. Its common sense Greece, 2% of the EU, cannot be the dumping ground for 90% of the EU’s illegals.  If someone doesn’t like that.. they are free to request from Greece to ship the illegals to their own country.

    Golden Dawn should be put under criminal investigation. They have no legal authority to go around terrorizing migrants (whether legal or illegal). However the majority of illegals in Greece will either need to fiind their way to other countries of expect eventual deportation for violating Greek law by crossing into soverign territory illegally.

    For those that manipulatively cry “racism”… YOU ARE RACIST AGAINST GREEKS.  Greece is doing nothing different than any other nation does (albeit in more extreme situation which calls for more extreme measures). If anything Greeks have been extremely patient towards the flood of illegals (that on a per capita basis exceed any other country in the world).

  34.  Greece has for decades been one of the world’s great tourist spots. A tourist walking the streets of Washington DC has a far greater chance of getting injured or  killed by an American than one visiting Athens does a native Greek.  In fact in Athens you have a far better chance of being assulted by an illegal than a Greek.

    However, it Greek hating bigots like you don’t want to come to Greece have no fears we won’t shed a tear. By all means go to Washington DC on vacation.

  35. As a Greek I really don’t care about tourism industry. I think we need to finally focus on other areas rather than lowing paying tourism jobs that have held our economy back.

    The reason for everyt Greek to be against Golden Dawn

    1. At least some of them are lawless thugs that run around randomly assulting non-Greeks This is morally untenable and criminal behaviour. Its one thing for police to ask for immigration papers, quite another for random thugs to stab and destroy property. They claim they aren’t Nazis and only protecting our homeland but the fascist parallels are too many to ignore.

    2.  Even from a patriotism standpoint they are a threat to our country.  Putting aside political extremists like Syriza and Golden Dawn could trigger another civil war… I have observed certain foreign press try to disingenuously lump in our government as being the same as golden dawn antics(for deporting illegals…something every country does not only Greece).

    This to me is clearly racist stereotypes of Greeks at work (then throw in the FYROM issue where it’s apologists dishonestly pretend not to notice its sudden change into “ancient Macedonians” and irredentism to hide their shame for supporting them)  Golden Dawn gives anti-Hellenic bigots an opportunity to generate even further ethnic hatred against Greeks then they already have these last few years (especially over our government’s financial mess)

  36. Right, they have “PLAN” to remove 3 million refugees, But they are not performing stunts on road with bats and knives to kill those refugees like your Golden Dawn is doing

  37. I’d say it is people like you that are blind.

    A. these people as ILLEGAL have no business in Greece

    B. where are the patronizing so-called “human rights’ activists (ak crypto-marxists) now that FYROM have suddenly become “descendents of ancietn Macedonians” and constantly insinuate Greece is occupied terrritory?

    At last check supporting irredentist propagandists trying to ethnically erase the Greek people is hardly “human rights” (to cover you their shame)

  38.  Left is slowly dying in Greece. Greece is more rightwing today than it has been in decades because of extreme anti-Hellenism among some leftists. As soon as enough Greeks realize that some in the left are trying to commit genocide against Greek people … anti-hellenic extremists like you will be shown the exit door.

  39. I am half French/half Greek living in France. A good advise : Be Careful in France in big cities like Paris and Marseille there are a lots of troubles because of gypsies, northern africans and black african muslims with french papers (Majoritary the criminals are from theses 3 communities).

    The situation in some areas is so bad that now even some armenians, turks, africans, chineses and northern african vote FN (far right party) because they have had enough.
    Also, last year, 31000 chinese-frenchs demonstrated in Paris to ask for security because they are fed up to get robbed by northern africans and africans.
    The protest of the chinese-frenchs :

    And since the beginning of the year, in the city of Marseille (southern France) we have had already 20 people killed by bullets and all this without speaking about the robberies, the rapes, the attacks on old people in their own appartments, … which plagues the city.

    Also in Castres (also southern France), this week, there was a big fight between more than 60 soldiers in permission and immigrant youths. Why ? Because the soldiers tried to defend a girl who was getting harrassed by immigrants and in the end, one 21 years old soldier lost his righ eye.
    And last years, the muslim even attacked the military barracks.

    Here is the french article speaking about the fight involving the soldiers :

    PS : This article is in French but you can use Google Translator to translate it in english.

  40. I think you misunderstood me. I say that illegal immigrants who are killing, raping, breaking into houses is a more serious treat to the tourism industry than XA, I don’t condone their methods nor their ideology.
    I just said that if the tourists are afraid to walk the streets of Hellas, they won’t come anymore.
    It was also because the country was very safe that the tourists loved it so much. 10 years ago, you could walk at night safely in the center of Athens, now it’s not possible anymore because illegal immigration.
    If a tourist get attacked, raped, ect … when he will comes back to his country, he will spread the word and if it happens to several tourists, in the end the reputation of Hellas as a touristic destination will be teinted.
    That’s all what I am saying.

  41. First, this is not my Golden Dawn. you know, it’s not because I oppose far-leftists and illegal immigration that I am necessery an ultranationalist … Especially since I’m only half Greek living in France 😉 .Secondly you are wrong on what is happening in Pakistan : The treatment of women and minorities (especially people who aren’t muslims) is far worse.
    If Pakistan was so good, they wouldn’t travel massively to Europe, aren’t they 😉
    Thirdly, I have a grudge against Salconstandinidis because he made many anti-hellenic statements.

  42. Your reaction is out of context …
    In another thread, the far-leftist Salconstandinidis said that he “was proud that 1500 Greeks converted to islam” (according to him). I didn’t appreciate his comment at all (since Hellas was occupied by muslims for 400 years) and I wanted to make him pay. That’s all.


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